Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snowed In Weekend with 24 in and 5 Ft Drifts

It was amazing to go from no snow all winter to so much just for the weekend. I was not looking forward to a blizzard at all. The kids came home early Friday because it was coming home thick plus it was sleeting which made it dangerous for the buses. By Sunday it started melting off since it was in the 50's but school was canceled Monday because of the massive snow amount on roofs, schools were checking to make sure everything was safe. There were a few that did cave in which is why I am doing daycare and watching one little girl this week. :)

God you are awesome and you know it. This storm was a huge blessing to our town. I know you had a huge smile on your face looking down on us all secretly enjoying it. Thank you for making us all stay home, cut out from our busy hectic lives to enjoy each other and everything that is truly important.


kbreints said...

Wow! You really got hit hard! We just missed getting anything substatial.... Looks like you had fun with it though!

Jen said...

ooh so much fun! I am glad Dave got to stay home and enjoy the day with you guys!