Thursday, October 14, 2010

19 Weeks

Well here it is. A somewhat distorted picture of my belly because I swear it's ALOT bigger than what it looks like there! LOL!! I am pretty much halfway done now. Baby will be here either 37 weeks if my placenta turned Previa and at 39 weeks if I am looking A-ok at the end of this. I had a sono at 14 weeks which looked like the placenta was pretty low, I have an appointment soon to see a perinatologist to see if we have anything to worry about. Previa doesn't matter if your having a C-section but with a previous C-section (or 6 in my case) there's a slight chance it could grow through the incision attaching to stuff like my bladder which would be bad. We're just hoping and praying this is going to be as uneventful as the others. :)

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