Wednesday, July 06, 2011

6 years old!

I started this blog back when i was pregnant with Damien. It's hard to believe he is 6 years old. It was a really scary pregnancy as I had miscarried our 3rd baby, little does he know he was actually our 4th. We found out extra early through sono because I went to the ER with horrible pain after a positive pregnancy test to discover I had kidney stones. I had issues the past year and once I got pregnant it got really bad. They finally did pass and it was calcium stones but because of all that I got to see him grow from a 4 week, 5 week, and 6 week sono when he finally had a heartbeat. :) The pregnancy went great though and I was enormous. I ended up doing a 3 hour glucose with him but it came back fine. He was the one that gave me the varicose veins and all that extra weight feeling of shortness of breath. When he came out he was 9lbs 13 oz and 22 inches long. Quite a big boy! He's a skinny little fart now though.

His favorite things to do are play Mario Kart on Wii, he LOVES Hotwheels, and school! He was the smartest kid in his class last year which is crazy from having Dominic struggling so much with his Aspergers and ADHD. We do have issues with his speech and are still dealing with some Speech Apraxia but it doesn't hold him back. We are not as frustrated as we used to be!! lol! His favorite food is Pizza and he can eat about 4-5 pieces! He likes sports and loves animals. He's a great little guy and we are blessed to have him in our family!

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kbreints said...

Time Flies doesn't it? Happy 6th birthday to your sweet boy!