Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Alexzandra's Sick

My day begins at 1:30 AM with my daughter screaming that she's puked. This is great considering my stomach is upset all the time as it is and now the smell of vomit will cause ME to vomit. I woke up Dave because I knew I couldn't conquer this one alone. He gets up and goes to survey the damage, I take Alex to the bathroom to the toilet so she can finish. We get in there and I can smell it even though she hasn't puked and of course it's all over her pajamas! Nice! The smell overcame me and I had to puke and since the toilet was in use I had to use the sink. It was horrible and I was so glad that she didn't have to puke anymore. We got her on clean sheets so she could go back to bed and turned on Shrek so she could watch that for a bit. Then I wake up again around 4 AM hearing something. Then I figured it out. It was donkey on Shrek saying "pick me! oh pick me!" waiting to start the movie all over. I went and shut the thing off and actually slept till 6:30 when Dave told me get up.

Today she has been so whiney it's irritating. You try to be nice since you know she feels horrible but she plays it out so much it drives you crazy! Just like she needs pop because it makes her feel better and same with candy! She's got a bad cold is what I think but I guess if she's like this again tomorrow we'll go to the dr where I'll announce to her pediatrician "hey! I have another boy for you to circumcise!!" I probably won't be that vocal about it but I'm sure he'll notice I'm pregnant again. I feel like my stomach is huge but I guess for my 3rd full pregnancy this would be normal. She loves her doctor and has been saying she wants to see him for the past few days. Anything happens to her she wants to see him though, cut on the finger, stubbed toe, a hangnail and it's "I wanna go see Dr. Lane mamma." At least she likes him. Thank goodness she doesn't remember all those lovely infant and toddler shots they gave her or she'd hate him!

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