Monday, February 07, 2005


Well today I was in a bit of a cleaning mode. Partly because my laptop is gone so I can't jump on the computer all the time now, but mainly to keep myself calm and to think of other things than the sonogram. When noon rolled around I knew the dreaded 32 oz that I'd have to start filling myself full of was coming up at 2 o'clock so I stopped drinking at lunch so hopefully that would help me some. I emptied my bladder at 2 like they said and started guzzling the grape juice I made especially for the occasion. I was really not looking forward to hitting that 32 degree air because I knew as soon as I did I'd have to pee. Sure enough. I sped to the clinic and passed 2 cars out here on the highway so I could hopefully get in there, get the vital information I've been dying for which was a healthy baby, and get my ass to a bathroom to empty out my bladder!

We were called back as soon as we walked in! I was so happy! She asked if we wanted to know the sex and I told her we weren't at first but I caved and wanted to know so she said ok and that she'd start examining our little one from head to toe, she really meant that to. Brain looked great, heart had the 4 chambers, bladder and kidney's looked perfect, nice sized round tummy, spinal cord was long, cute little fingers and toes and then I saw her start to maneuver the want between the legs and I almost gasped. I probably had an "oh crap" look on my face because I saw what I was hoping not to. A little sac hanging between there huge as ever. Finally after she took about 4 pictures she asked if I'd like to know the sex. I said "I can already tell, it's a boy" and she said "yep! No mistaken that!" Everyone is telling me that Dom and the baby will be so close in age it'll be great. I'm definitely not sad that I didn't get another little princess, just scared that I'll be needing Nanny 911 in a few years if this one acts the same as my son! All my thoughts of a girl dressed up in cute little pink summer outfits I had stored away from Alex's birth went down the tubes. I have tons of cute boy clothes to though so I'm not too worried, but I was looking forward to another little princess.

What I think is most unbelievable is the morning sickness I have had with this pregnancy mirrors the pregnancy I had with my daughter! My son I hardly threw up much at all, and never felt sick to my stomach all day. Weird. I guess that goes to show you that no pregnancy is ever the same.

When I came home to share the news with mom and my daughter I said "it's a boy" and Alex shook her head and said "no" and I said again that it was and that's what we were getting and she kept saying "no it's a girl" poor kid! She really wants a sister. I felt so bad but then tonight she started saying baby brother so maybe she's ok after all. Dom of course still thinks that my boobs are the baby. He came up pinching me again saying "mamma! Baby! Baby" (sigh) I'm sure he'll figure it out when my belly gets even bigger.

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