Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Dreaded Viral Infection is Running it's Course

Well my day started real crazy this morning. I only had to wake up at 11:45 and 2 AM to take care of my sick kids. When Kelsey arrived with her baby sister her mom was getting ready to go and Kelsey puked all over my couch. Great! I have to drag out the steam cleaner sometime today and get that cleaned. Took both kids to the Dr to find out what I figured was right, a viral infection. Viral meaning nothing they can do but let it run it's course. Hopefully that course is about through with poor Alexzandra because she's been looking pretty ran down this week. Dominic has the beginnings of it, snotty nose, raspy cough, waking up with a high fever. Ugh, I really hate sick kids. Not only do they feel awful but you feel awful because you can't do anything for them really. I have had the cough and snotty nose for 2 days now but hopefully it doesn't get any worse. This is the first day in a long time that I've been daycare kid free and just had my own two kids. I miss this so much. It's nice just hangin with your own, taking naps together and eating, leaving whenever you want and not going by any schedule or food menu program. It will be back to the grind again tomorrow, I'll watch everyone's kids and groan about it but there's nothing much I can do. Daycare is definitely not my calling but I will have to keep doing it till I decide to go back to a normal job. With another on the way that won't be till 2011?? Holy crap that seems like forever! Better stop having kids so I can have an adult life again. Something I really miss.

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Adam's Mom said...

Hi Sweetie! I read on the board that you are sick now! UGH! I hope you take as good of care of yourself like you do your kids! Sending you hugs! Sheri