Sunday, February 13, 2005

I said Viral Infection, not the Plague!

The "viral infection" did end up running it's course, unfortunately, in my direction because I also ended up getting pretty sick. Starting Wednesday night I started occasionally coughing and thought no way would I get this too. I have 2 sick kids of my own, plus watching all the other kids and me sick on top of that there's just no way I can possibly do this. By Thursday it was obvious I was coming down with something. The cough was getting worse and then of course that sick achy feel was coming over me. I watched the kids on Thursday though, making the best of it. Thursday night, different story. I shuffled around in my files and found the phone numbers of the 3 parents I needed to call, if I could manage words out of my hardly audiable mouth. The parents fully understood I needed friday off to recoop after sounding like a mouse going through puberty on the phone. Friday, the kids actually started doing better except for the cough so that was nice but I was a couch potato much of the day coughing up a storm and throwing up. Saturday was pretty much the same and the kids were getting alittle tired of me being so boring and not doing anything with them. Thank goodness Dave took them to town for a few things including Orange Juice which I have been guzzling and forcing my kids to drink like crazy. After 2 weeks now of sickness in this house I'm hoping this is it for the year. Dave supposedly had Walking Pnemonia right before we all ended up getting sick so I'm not sure if this is related or not. All I know is this was a pain in the ass and I hope no one around here is sick for a LONG time!

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