Sunday, February 13, 2005


Sterilization, Sterile, Sterilize- 3 words meaning two things
1) Unable to Reproduce
2) To Free or Clean away all the germs

In my house reproducing isn't such a problem since I'm on my 4th pregnancy but cleaning away germs that is and that was my objective today.

We start by taking a few cups of bleach and pouring it into scalding hot water in the bathtub and dumping a good 20-30 lbs of plastic toys the daycare kids play with daily. Let the concoction brew for a few hours before draining. Then take all the stuffed toys in the same container and do the same but in the washing machine. Next get your Clorox Easy Wipes and think of any and everything grubby hands have touched around your house and get to wiping. Then of course doorknobs, the TV, the babyswing, Pack n Play, End Tables, etc etc etc. For now no kids will be allowed into Alex and Dom's rooms because I'm going to sterilize all their toys too and don't want to have to do it again. I try to keep the kids in the front room anyways since I have a huge toy box out there but sometimes they still venture back in there to find special toys. This is why I bought door locks for the bedrooms! I can even lock my kids out of their own rooms which makes them mad but they know I'm only doing it to keep the others out of there.

Hopefully after today's cleaning we will be germ free. I know it's not totally possible to have everything clean but I'm atleast getting the most obvious germ infested areas! I think if I have any child with a snotty nose I'll quarantine them in a Pack n Play so that's the only thing I'll have to clean! LOL It sounds mean but seems like the best thing to do to keep the others well. Can't really say no to the parents unless the child has a fever. Ugh! Daycare is such a pain.

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