Monday, February 14, 2005

Weak in the Knees

I used to love Valentine's Day. Now I still like it but not like I did I guess when Dave and I first got together. Usually all I get anymore is flowers. I guess the longer you've been together things change a bit. I did the Beer of the Month Club for him this year. $90 for 3 month membership. He'll enjoy I'm sure. I was so sick this weekend I couldn't go out and buy anything for him so I went internet shopping of course.

I remember our first Valentine's Day back in 1994. I bought him this huge Ape with a heart saying I love you and a Zchavarichi T-shirt. I gave it to him at Hutch High, our school in A Hall. I honestly don't remember what he gave me though! lol I'm sure it was something nice but with his failing memory I bet he can't remember either. Back then Valentine's Day was like anticipation because you're dating someone special, new to you, and you have this huge crush for this person. Now it's more like we've been together for 11 yrs, you've bought me way too many flowers, you can't be creative anymore, thanks again for the flowers! (sigh)

Our first song was Weak in the Knees by SWV. Oh what a song. In our dating years in highschool we used music to hide some of the action going on in his bedroom and that was the CD of choice it seemed. We were both liked r & b so Shai, Boys to Men, Jodeci, and all those other lovey songs were what we'd listen to. He loved rap music and like the rest of his buddies spent weekends fixing up HUGE stereo systems in cars. I could only stand so much when we drove around but back in the day it was pretty hot to have your boyfriend pick you up in a slammed 74 Chevy with no door handles, tinted glass and with Two 15 inch woofers in the back so loud you can identify him coming from blocks away. I was lucky and all my girlfriends knew we'd be together for a long time. After time though friendships started to go sour because of him. Too many of my friends tried to take him from me and I still don't get that. Friends shouldn't do that to you! I got in way too many highschool fights over Dave. If any of my friends read this below they are going to laugh! lol

Amy Kelsey- hoochie mama would not get the hint to LEAVE. I chased her all over town daily trying to beat her ass and since she was so small she'd sic other girls on me. AKA's Tweet the twat by me and some of my good friends. Good bud Robyn carved HOE in huge letters in her carand the bathroom door so she'd get the hint us girls weren't messing around. Love you Girl!

Jill Merrill- This girl had nerve. Sure I dumped Dave because I was a bit confused that month but to swoop in instantly as a friend and try to make him her's?? I beat the crap out of this one at Dave's house. Dave had to pick me up and haul me to the car because it happened in the road infront of his home. I was a stalker and saw her there so when I pulled over and he told me to leave I needed a weapon to use on her so I told him I was pregnant right infront of her. Eww should have seen the look on her face! Eyes to kill! Asked her if there was a problem with that and she didn't say anything which made me mad so I got out of my car and attacked. Talk about relieving stress!

Jennifer Medford- Dave's nice friend David Gibbs had this girlfriend at the time (Lynlee) who thought that it would be nice to set up her bestfriend with Dave. I was friends too with this girl Jennifer so I was floored when I found a note on Dave from Jennifer telling him he didn't me. Then she wrote me a nice note saying to stay away from him. What?? I was his girlfriend and she's telling me to stay away from him?? Didn't go down well with me. We had a confrontation in the quad and then Dave I'm sure nicely, told her that he wasn't going to dump me for her.

Laura Blanton- This freaky girl who I was friends with lived down the street from Dave. She asked him to come over one day to talk so he did but he wasn't expecting her to jump on him like an animal and try to make out with him. He told me about this as soon as it happened so i know that he wasn't trying to hide anything.

I know Dave loves me for who I am. I may not look like I used to back in high school but he doesn't care. We've always had differences but worked through them. He's very loving and makes me feel special. One thing that I'll never get him to stop doing is being a mamma's boy though. That has always bothered me but at least she moved away, he's all mine now! I love how when I need help he's always there to help me. Sometimes I may have to bitch to get that help but he will do it. When I feel like crap he tries any and everything to make my day brighter. He's seen me at my worst. Wisdom tooth removal, miscarriage, birth, flu, morning sickness, hershey squirts but it never scares him away.

I think we will end up being one of the only highschool couples still together at our reunion this summer. It'll be interesting to see who's still a couple. My hope is for us to remain together for the rest of our lives. I think as long as we both stay healthy it'll happen because I don't see either of us leaving any time soon! I'd love to see our picture in the paper for a 60th wedding anniversary around the year 2063. Wonder what we'll look like then? lol

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