Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Runaway Toddler

Well I have to say dinner time was the scariest moment of my life. We live out in the country off a major road, speed limit 55 mph. We are the 4th house off the road. I was making dinner and kept calling to our son to come eat which our little guy loves food and usually comes a running but not tonight. Finally I went looking in the bedrooms, bathroom, basement and couldn't find him. Dave ran outside and sure enough all the way down the road our son was headed for 56th street. It was 45 degrees out and he was walking in the ditch full of water!! Dave sprinted down the road and scared the living crap out of him by screaming at him. His pants were so soaked they came off of him, he had no shoes on only his socks, and his skin was freezing cold. I'm suprised I wasn't bawling because it scared the living shit out of me. If he would have walked another 100 ft he would have made it to the highway. Even on our dirt road people travel 50 mph just because. My poor baby was so upset from daddy yelling at him all he could say when he came home was "dadda dadda dadda". We finally got him to calm down and eat but we'll have to start locking my screen door since he knows he can push the bar to open the door.

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Adam's Mom said...

Oh dear that is scary!!!! Keep an eye on that boy! I sure hope this kid is more calm LOL Give him a peaceful name maybe that will help!