Sunday, February 06, 2005

Tomorrow's the Day!

I have been excited even giddy today about my sonogram tomorrow. I'm trying so hard to believe that everything is ok with this baby but till tomorrow I won't know for sure. I know exactly by looking at the sonographer's face if he's found something not right. It's a blank, lost look and then the dead quiet that follows after when you know something is not right and then of course you ask and they put you off. My plan is to try to stay calm in the room and stare at him the whole time to see if I can get anything out of his facial expression.

I've been trying to get loads of housework done today. That's the story of my life! I managed to get most of it done. Now I just need to zip to Walmart for a few food items and I'll be set again for the week. Hoping for less stress. My neice is still using the steriods so she'll be absent so It shouldn't be too busy. My sanity for the day is my laptop but unfortunately I must have used it too much because it kept overheating and shutting off. It's gone for 3 weeks in repair at Best Buy. I hope I can survive! I'm sure I can it'll just be different not jumping on the computer every second of the day checking email, chatting with friends, and shopping online.

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pregnancyweekly said...

Hope the sonogram went well! And what cute kids in the pic above! :)