Saturday, February 05, 2005

My Son Thinks He's a Dog

What is it with kids and their imagination? Suddenly I've noticed a weird trend going on with little Dominic licking his food off his plate, picking up toys and other things with his mouth, and now barking like a dog. Hmm.....I'm not sure what to make of it. He says, "mamma dah dah! ruff ruff." I thought it was cute at first but now it's getting a bit annoying.

Today, even as a Saturday, I still ended up watching one kid. A 5 yr old named Lexi. This child is ok to watch but she's very dirty. I think I probably should have said no back in August when her parents wanted me to start watching her. I felt like I'd already said I had room so I had to take her. She brings this nasty pillow and blanket over that look like they've never been washed EVER. It's so sick. The kid never has her hair brushed, her clothes are dirty or too small, her shoes look nasty, even the toys she brings over are filthy. It really makes me sick. When her parents leave I take her blanket and pillow and put it by my other door so my son and the other kids don't mess with it. I'm so afraid she's got head lice. lol If I can only make it till summer I can probably take off the rest of the year from doing daycare. I'm using all the money I make to pay for anything extra to make our house nice before the baby comes. We want to pay for the medical bills before he/she comes too so I've got a fund set up for that. Our sonogram is on Monday so I'm excited to find out if this is a girl. I hope so but if not I am totally happy with a boy.

We haven't done much today except clean the dog pen since we're supposed to get more rain this week. Fun! I am so tired of rain and snow. I'm hoping this is it. We haven't even got hardly any snow it's just ice usually. The dog pen wasn't as bad as I thought it would be since I haven't cleaned poop in a long time but they've probably stepped on it so much in their pen it looks like dirt now. Having 2 puppies at one time is a hard job. I'm big on adopting from the pound and when I couldn't make up my mind back in October I took 2. One is going to be a big Lab the other a minature Rottweiler. Oscar, the Lab, is pretty well behaved but Ceasar, the Rottweiler, is a pain and maybe a mistake! He is too hyperactive for me. Our other dog out there with them Missy, a Golden Mix, really gets tired of Ceasar wanting to play all the time. They are pooping machines and that's why they have their own pen so I have 1 location of poop to clean instead of my whole backyard! I'd eventually like to get a horse again this summer. Duke, the one we had, I made the unfortunate mistake of selling during my pregnancy with Dominic to someone who I thought would keep him but instead sold him to someone in another state. It broke my heart because I wanted him to stay in one spot, not to be transfered around and end up at a horse sale. I just try to believe that whoever has him is taking good care of him and he hasn't been turned into glue! Alot of his behavior problems were my fault. He was a stud and needed cut but I kept putting it off and when he sensed that I was pregnant he turned into a buckwild stud wanting to screw me so he had me running to get the hell out of the pen before he jumped on my back. I got to where I was scared to death of him. It was so sad that day when he left. He freaked out neighing and bucking when they tried to load him. We'll do it again sometime I'm sure. Having a horse is just so special. They are so loving.....when they want to be.

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