Friday, February 04, 2005

Baby PMS

Well after an interesting morning with my neice Kaelynn and bitching to my mother about her, my mom called my sister and told her to come get her from me since I was being so mean ya know. She picked her up at 11:30 and I'd already fed her lunch and stuck her down for a nap since I couldn't control her. Sister calls this afternoon and says she thinks she knows the problem. "What's that?" I ask. "Some of the side effects for the steriod for her lungs are irritability, stomach cramps, hyperactivity, and moodswings" she tells me laughing. "Maybe that's why she's been acting so bad for the past 2 days", she adds. Oh this is nice! Send me a kid on a raging drug induced PMS with snot coming out of her nose and kicking at me when I try to wipe it. Perfect! She said she's going to pull her off the steriod this weekend before she comes back with her on monday. I told her we'll see how she acts next week but if she's going to act like this all the time then she may have to find another sitter. I need less stress. God help me! If she acts better next week then I'll forget about today. The baby was very good today, my son was pretty much an angel believe it or not, and Kelsey other than running for her life crying from Kaelynn was really good. Of course Alex and Madison the oldest are really good. Baby PMS is just not something I want to deal with being pregnant. I'm already a hormonal wreck being pregnant and don't need her hormones running wild on me either.

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