Friday, February 04, 2005

Back to the Grind

Well I guess back to the grind for today! My sister decided to bring her sick daughter over and she's being a pain. So far she's pushed several of the kids, taken toys, messed with the baby bouncer in all just an overall brat. My son is being actually pretty good today it's a miracle! After lunch, directly after lunch, I'm going to put 2 kids down for naps. I know it'll be alittle early but if I want to keep my sanity it's the only thing to do. I have the newborn today, Two ear-infected 2 yr olds, a 2 yr old with Brochitis, two bored out of their mind 5 yr olds and my son who's probably going to be sick with all the coughing and snot coming out of these other kids. Can we say this sucks?? I make sure to give my kids lots of vitamin C because of all the sickness the kids bring to us. We have been blessed not to get sick much. Guess I'd better go see how the baby is doing. She's due for a feeding soon. Fun Fun!

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