Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How Much Can Ya Handle??

In my case I think I can handle a lot but this day has been pretty rotten already! It starts at 1 AM when I feel the kicking of the little bambino. Not just once or twice but over and over and in my crotch of all places. It was enough to wake me up and say "ow!" Of course since I can't sleep I have to roll over and tell Dave. He tells me "I told you, you shouldn't have drank all that tea before you went to bed", then goes back to sleep. I lay there for a bit then fall asleep. 3 AM rolls around and Alex comes in tapping my arm. "What? Do you need to pee?", I ask her. "No Madison' s blanket is in my room", oh I was hot! I told her to get back in bed and I'll give it to her in the morning. As soon as I got done talking I realized one thing. I've Got It I have a baby in my stomach and I bet I just woke him up. Sure enough the kicking starts again and this time it goes on forever. I lay there till about 4AM when Alex strolls in again. I don't even remember what she said this time but I told her not to get out of bed unless she has to pee, thrown up, or the house is on fire. She went back to bed crying so this time I had to get up. For some reason she wanted to wear her house coat to bed and it came untied and she wanted it tied again so I did and she went back to sleep. I went to the bathroom and tried to go back to sleep. Didn't work, the kicking continued and I ended up finally starting to doze around the time Dave's alarm started to blast off it's high pitch at 5 AM. I did sleep from 5-6:30 then I was told to get out of bed that Alex was up already. UGH!!

So if this wasn't enough to start my day off to a bright start, one of the mother's shows up 15 minutes early with her kids. I wasn't too upset about it but it's 15 minutes I lose to myself. Trying to get things done around the house I hear the toilet flush and it doesn't sound like a good flush. Hmmm........ Well whatdya know! Dominic tried his hardest to flush a whole roll of toilet paper down the toilet!! There was so much TP in the hole of the toilet I ended up getting Salad Tongs and prying it out. I'm not sure how much actually went down the hole I pray not much. After this I go to his room to change him and find out that he got all his wipes out of the container and they are all dried out! Nice! So I have to pour water on them to even use the dumb things. Then after I think everything is under control with the kids I come to my kitchen and find blue crayon all over my stone tile. I wanted to cry. Dave just cleaned up crayon all over the floor and pedestal of my kitchen table. He doesn't color on the walls but does on everything else. He just took a black pen across my couch yesterday but fortunately the button wasn't pushed so no ink came out. A few days before that he took another blue crayon and wrote a big stripe across my couch and then last friday he took a yellow marker and wrote to big lines on his beige carpet. He just keeps doing all this after we yell at him.

So now it's 10 AM and the house is rather calm. He's in his room watching SpongeBob the others are watching tv in the front room and Madison is coloring. It's very quiet which is odd. The only thing I can do to take advantage of it is clean the house some more. How sad is that.

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