Monday, March 07, 2005


I don't know what's going on in my head lately. Is it the class reunions this year coming up? I've been thinking a lot about this one guy I dated before Dave. It was only a 5 month thing and actually he's how I met Dave. They were good friends. I have no idea where this guy is. Last I heard he was in Germany I think at Rammstein AirBase and it's not like I have feelings for him, I guess I just wonder about him. The only reason maybe I've been thinking of him again lately is that at Walmart a few weeks ago I heard someone blaring Supertramp's - Logical Song (a song we used to sit around and listen to together) and there was this guy singing it out the window and I looked back at him and it looked just like him! I told Dave I thought it was him but Dave didn't say much.

The whole thing with Nick was he was a player, I was young and didn't realize it till it'd been going on for awhile, so I broke it off with him on my 16th birthday June 23rd, 1993! lol Dave and I hooked up that same summer in '93 after he supposedly broke it off with his girlfriend but I found out that he too was a player and was still with his girlfriend so we just went our separate ways and I hated both guys. Then my mother decided she wanted to move into town so because of that I'd switch school districts. I had mixed feelings about it but I thought it'd be a fresh start although I knew I'd run into both Nick and Dave. Well I found out from my friend Josh that the house she purchased just happened to be 4 blocks from Dave. Oh joy! I ran into him all the time and just gave him evil eyes and called him a dick. I was pretty vocal at 16. I started going to school at Hutch High and Nick and I started talking again and eventually hooked back up. It was very short lived though. We had a few good make out sessions and then I think we both felt it was time to move on. I started dating another guy named Brian and Nick went on with his player ways.

I thought at first Brian would be the guy I'd be with for awhile and nope, didn't work that way. Dave and I kept running into each other at the stupid convenience store near our houses and eventually started talking again. I was pretty reluctant considering he was still with the same old girlfriend. He told me he really did want to break it off with her but she just wouldn't get the clue. Yeah right was all I thought. I was dumped by him before because of her, why should I believe him now?? He would apologize for lying to me like he wanted to try "us" again but I wasn't going for it unless he was totally rid of the psycho. He started coming over to my house and that's when shit hit the fan. Psycho Amy would drive by my house all the time screaming for us to come outside. We weren't doing much but flirting around since they were still an item but finally he told her that he wanted out. She wouldn't take no for an answer and would call his house when I was there, drive by both of our houses, she was insane. I wasn't scared of her and planned on kicking the hoe's ass when I could get my hands on her. She was pretty good at running away or having other's come after me to fight her battles. Since I had no cares of her we started the whole "PDA" thing at school with kissing, flirting, holding hands at school. Everyone knew once that started he was finally rid of her. She did finally meet another guy and stop all the stupid crap. I consider April 24th, 1994 our beginning because I'll never forget the day he called me all excited at work telling me he told her it was over and to leave him alone. That was almost 11 yrs ago! So much has happened since then.

It's hard to believe we made it back together after I vowed never to speak to him after what he pulled the first time we were together. I was so different back then too. A really skinny bigmouth, constantly drunk on the weekends, a smoker, partying all the time, and known as a dick tease. Crazy how you grow up in life.

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