Saturday, March 05, 2005

Escape Artist

Well as the days go by I'm having to get smarter and smarter in ways to keep my son from escaping the house. This place must be like Hell or a jail to him because he finds new ways to get away daily now it seems and when he's out he runs for dear life. Two times this week I found him going down the driveway heading for the road. Today he came out of the blue screaming and crying at me "bye bye!! bye bye!! bye bye!!" I have no idea why in the world he decided he had to leave but then he ran away and came back with his shoes demanding I put them on him. I did and then he ran for the front door. When he realized it was locked he started really screaming and crying then. I hadn't mentioned anything about going anywhere so I'm not sure why he was tripping but if he hears one little peep of the word 'leaving' or 'keys' or even hears the sound of keys he wants to get the hell out of here.

Last night I had our wood screen door to the garage closed and latched with one of those eye hook locks. He has apparently figured how this works and I kept catching him in the garage. He couldn't get out since the garage doors were shut. I couldn't find him again and thought of the garage so I started that way and could hear a clicking noise. Noise turned out to be him in the garage clicking a dead batteried remote to the doors that we had in the kitchen. Ha! When I asked him what he was doing he started clicking the buttons desperately trying to get it to open. Little fart!

Today I stuck him in the backyard and he goes straight for the gates. I have 2 padlocked and then I use a dog leash on the other gate so if he tries to lift the latch the attachment part of the leash is in the hole so it won't open. Well today he discovered that Dave hadn't put the leash back on and it was another way to escape and off he went. Running pregnant is not something I enjoy but I do it anyways.......alot and I caught him and put him back in the yard. I have my hands so full with him I just can't even think of anything else right now besides Where's Dominic?? I love him to death but the boy has too much spunk.

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