Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

Peace and Quiet. Only comes rarely in this house. It's usually referred to as naptime here and oh how I love thee! Usually I try to jump on the computer or do some chores around the house. Sometimes I'll just grab a baby magazine and read for a few hours! Today I tried cleaning the mess of toys in the front room. It's funny how only a few kids can drag a good 100 toys out of this huge rubbermaid tote. As I try cleaning I notice that this is getting a bit harder day to day with my protruding gut. Today my gut feels like it's going to explode with all this pressure. I'm imagining I'm growing again but who knows! It's probably gas again!!

I'm one to analyze every ache and pain during pregnancy. The beginning of my pregnancy was pretty scary because of the awful cramping I had. I found out I was pregnant in October. By October 21st I was cramping so bad I thought I was having another miscarriage so my grandmother ran me to the ER. This was my 3rd visit in 2004 to the ER. The 1st our miscarriage, the second kidney stones, and this one. I was bawling when I checked in and told the receptionist I was sure I was miscarrying again because I was in a lot of pain. SO much pain that I puked in the trashcan there right infront of her. She said "we'll get you back right now." The ER doctor asks "so what brings you here today?" So I explain the previous miscarriage and tell him I was sure by my cramping I was miscarrying again. He says "are you bleeding?" I wanted to tell him no you asshole I just hurt but didn't. Come to find out my pain was from another Kidney Stone. The only good thing that came from that day was seeing our little 4 week sono showing a sac. A follow up appointment a week later showed a yolk sac, and little baby. We were thrilled! November I started feeling pain again but this time it felt like a UTI. Running back to my OBGYN I get a UA and find out my urine is clean, and no blood. WHAT?? I hurt so bad there's no way so I go to my Family DR and do a UA again and it's clean too! Because of my pregnancy they can't check for stones with X-ray so they do a sono for the 3rd time this year for any evidence of a stone and low and behold the tube going to my bladder from my right kidney is swollen and very large which means a stone was passing again. Unfortunately this stone was huge and took 2 weeks to pass. I finally did and found out I produce calcium stones. (sigh)

Because of the calcium stones that I can produce I'm not allowed to take additional calcium so no Tums which I always take when pregnant. My prenatal vitamin doesn't have enough calcium in it to worry about. They also told me no tea. There's a whole list of things they want me to stay clear of but since my November episode I've been fine! Every little back ache or low pain though I pray not again because the stones are so painful. They can't figure out why I had 3 in one year, I guess it's a bit excessive! I was really worried about taking meds while pregnant (they gave me Tylenol with codeine) so I didn't take any medicine and DEALT with the pain the best I could. The best words I can use to describe the pain of Kidney Stones is BACK LABOR or STABBING KNIFE. Pain I hope I'll never experience again!

Some other aches and pains I've analyzed with this pregnancy............

  • Boob Pain/Sore nipples- Oh they hurt so bad, I think they are getting ready for breastfeeding!
  • Back Pain- Ok kidney stones or overdoing it with the kids
  • Seeing Spots- I really need to talk to my OB on this because I have a BP issue and think maybe that's whats going on again.
  • Pain during Sex- This isn't even fun anymore because of some of the pain I've had. Is he banging our kid in the head? Why does this hurt so much now!?
  • Pain when peeing- I think this is from sleeping on my back too long or maybe holding it too long? I'm not sure but it always happens in the morning.
  • Heartburn- This has started happening much more often. Am I eating too many spicy things or eating too much??
  • Throwing up- Why am I still doing this! At almost 22 weeks this should be gone you'd think but for some reason if I wake up with crud in my throat it sets me off. YUCK! This is why I thought I was pregnant with a girl.
  • Round Ligament Pains- I wish I could get rid of this cough I've had so these wouldn't hurt so bad. (sigh)
  • Vericose Veins- I've noticed I have the start of a nice sized on way up high on my leg and it's got me a bit worried. I hope after my pregnancy that maybe it won't be so bad because I'm afraid it's going to get huge! It doesn't really hurt although I know they can!

I'm sure as I enter the next few weeks I'll have many more aches and pains to share. In the end they are all worth it just to see that little baby you produced cooing back at you while you feed him or her.

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