Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Alex's First Day at Gymnastics

What a day. For some reason this baby I'm watching is really gassy. All she wanted did was cry, eat alot, and let out tons of farts. Sounds about like me being pregnant! It's really annoying because I have so many other little ones running around that paying attention to a baby for quite awhile makes it extremely hard to deal with the bickering of the others. The one who WAS potty trained has decided she doesn't want to tell me when she needs to go and peed in her Pull Up and on my couch today so that was fun! My son wasn't too bad today which was nice. He just wanted to keep coming into the kitchen and drag out all the goodies to eat. He's addicted to yogurt which is great but it's so messy and he wants to eat it all the time. It was a very busy day for me dealing with the baby wanting to eat all the time, cleaning and by 5 I was feeding the kids and getting ready to take them to their gymnastics class.

Alexzandra had her first lesson tonight. She did great and I was really proud, especially when she was doing the uneven bars and used her weight to pull herself up and flip over the bar! It's a beginner class so they jumped in the trampoline, did stretches, back bends, somersaults, and all those other beginner things. I never took gymnastics I was a Basketball girl throughout school and so this was all pretty new to me. We both want the kids to be involved throughout their school years in sports and other activities so when my sister had said she was putting Madison in the class I said sure that Alex could join. They do swimming lessons every year together too. I'm sort of glad that they will be at different grade schools because they need to make some new friends but I tend to wonder what it will be like when they are both in middle school together in the same class. There is so much competition between the two I can already imagine the boy fights! Well, that's a LONG way down the road. For now I'll just deal with their petty fights over who has a better teacher and better toys.

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