Monday, February 28, 2005

Triple Screen Results

Well I got the good news today when I called the OB's office that my triple screen blood work results were negative so that's another load lifted off my shoulders. Whew! I wasn't too worried about it since my other screenings with the other kiddos came back fine but still needed to hear them say the word negative.

I got a call from a girl from highschool today! Mandy Adams is her name and I was so happy to hear from her. I think the last time we talked was about 5 yrs ago at her sister's wedding but it was only brief. She called to ask if I was still in contact with another friend of ours Brenda so I gave her number to her. Mandy said she got a high school reunion invitation from Buhler which we both attended till we were in highschool then we transfered to Hutch High. I'm hoping I get an invitation too even though I didn't graduate from Buhler I went there from Kindergarten to Junior year! If I don't get invited she gave me the people's names who sent the invitations and I know them all quite well from school so I think getting invited shouldn't be a problem. It was nice reminiscing about the old days with her though. She lives in Wichita now so I told her we'll all have to get together. She was a bit surprised I was still with Dave after all these years but I think alot of people we went to school with will be when I see them at the reunions for Hutch and Buhler this year. I don't think highschool sweethearts normally last this long! We've got a great relationship though. Always have, always will.

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