Monday, April 25, 2005

Here's the Globe.....Minus the Equator!

This is 29 weeks taken yesterday. Lovely stretchmarks line my gut (isn't it pretty!? lol) but not from this pregnancy. These are actually all from my almost 5 yr old daughter when I was pregnant with her. I gained 50 lbs that pregnancy because I was sick with Pregnancy Hypertension and Edema. I was so bloated that I had Kankles, or elephant legs and my skin felt like it was cracking from being stretched so much. I'm so happy this pregnancy has went fairly smoothly so far with no trips to the hospital and nothing to major to worry about. Wait..... I still haven't heard if I have Gestational Diabetes yet from that 3 hour test last Wednesday! I sure hope that the fact they haven't called me yet is a good sign!

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Adam's Mom said...

I think you belly looks great!!!