Monday, April 25, 2005

No Word On Money

Well the mom called this morning and asked (as always) if anyone here has been sick. Her little boy is ALWAYS sick so she calls me everytime to see if anyone could have got him sick but no one here has been, just allergies. She says her son has a fever, can't breathe, etc so they are taking him to the Dr. She didn't mention anything about the money. She just said that her boyfriend was staying home with him today and she should be here tomorrow with him. I feel bad for the little guy because he's always sick. With your dad smoking pot around you (his dad has came to my house high to pick him up before) and your mom being only 20 and not knowing anything about raising kids and keeping them well, your probably going to be sick quite a bit. This kid is sick at least once or twice a month and usually takes a prescription of amoxicillin about once a month. Anyone who reads this with kids knows that your child is going to grow immune to the medicine and it's not going to work! He's always got green snot coming out his nose so I chase him constantly so we don't get snot on his hands or on the toys. We'll see I guess tomorrow what he has and if she has any more remarks about the money.

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