Saturday, April 23, 2005

What would you do??

Well this is a really great question for any daycare provider or anyone else for that matter.

I had a woman pay me yesterday for two weeks of watching her little one. She gave me a wad of cash and not wanting to count it infront of her I just took it to my kitchen and put it on the counter. She then left with her child and after she left I counted it and found it to be $10 short. I know I told her the right amount on the phone twice before she came. It was an easy amount to remember $96.69 and I had to tell her twice on the phone probably because she was writing it down. She gave me (4) $20 (1) $5 (2) $1= $87 so really she only owes $9.70. I called her last night and asked her if maybe she dropped a $10 bill because she only paid me $87 and that I'd searched all around where I put it after she gave it to me but it's definitely not here. She said she must have pulled out the wrong amount or maybe dropped it outside. I told her that I could just tack it onto her total in two weeks it was no big deal and she said that was fine. WELL today she calls me from a friends house btw asking if I found the money because she counted her leftover money and she had what she should have had, and no extra $10. I told her no I never found anything but I'd look outside but I doubt it'd be there since we had 30 mph winds. She is swearing that she gave me this extra money when I know either she's misplaced it or she's trying to scam me and see if she can get away with it.

I've had money issues with her a few times. She's young, not married and the guy she's with doesn't do much for her as far as helping out with their son or money, she's having job issues with losing bonus money. The last time was about a month ago she told me that she'd come and pay me later Friday night and she never came. Then she said she'd come out Saturday and she never came again. Then she called and asked if she could pay the amount in two weeks when she got paid her next check because she didn't have enough money so I told her that would be fine. It's not like I rely on this money so it was no big deal to let her go for a month without paying.

The whole reason I started doing daycare was because I wanted to stay home with our kids but I wanted them to have a few kids their age to play with. I didn't want them bored out of their mind and Dave thought a few extra bucks could help if we needed it. I'm not one of those money hungry sitters that charge you weekly rates and if your kid isn't here I still get paid. I charge $1.75 a hour and if I have two of your kids it's $1.50 a hour. If you're kid is sick and they aren't coming or you took time off, I don't get paid. I'm sure a lot of people will read that and say "she's getting ripped off!" but to me it's just courtesy. You can't help it if your kid gets sick or your sick and I'm not going to charge you for it.

We'll see on Monday what the outcome of this meesley $9.30 will be I guess. I'm not sure if she's going to butt heads with me on it or just pay me? Frankly I don't care it's not worth fighting over but I just wonder if there won't be a day when I watch him for 2 weeks and then she just doesn't pay and doesn't come back with him. Very possible.

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Adam's Mom said...

That is such a tough one. It is only $10.00 but it is the principle of the matter, especially since there has been money issues before. Perhaps you could tell her that you can only accept a check for payment to track your expenses better for taxes. I am sure she will figure out what you are doing (trying to get full payment like you are due) but I doubt she will say anything because she knows darn well that she cheated you of the $10.00.

By the way, that is so cheap! Day care up here is waaaayyy more expensive - like $100 a day at least! I'm gonna have to move close to you!

signed: anonymous LOL