Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Can't believe I have time to actually type a post. It's a nice Tuesday afternoon and I'm daycare kidless because I had Kindergarten Roundup today. It's a bit strange in a way it just being my two kids and I just sitting around waiting till 5:45 when I take Alex to Gymnastics.

I found out on friday that I failed my Gestational Diabetes test and tomorrow morning I have to go take a 3 hour test. I never had to deal with GD with my other 2 kids so in a way it was a shock but I have noticed I've ate a lot of sugary things this time around. Probably since I'm stressed all the time the first thing I go for is something sweet. I haven't gained but 13 lbs this pregnancy so I don't think I really have it. I'm blaming my result on the fact that I drank tons of orange juice that morning not knowing it's full of sugar! I'm not too smart sometimes!

Other than having GD issues, screaming toddlers around my house, and having turbo powered Dominic driving me nuts not a lot has went on. I went to our family reunion over the weekend where I ran into my welfare cousin who I really can't stand. People on welfare get under my skin. She has 5 kids all from different dads in a wide variety of colors. lol I try to stay away from her because I'll probably say something and then end up kicking her ass because she didn't like what I had to say. Dominic had a great time on the playground equipment and then decided to scare us all to death by running after a zoo train at the bottom of the hill. My uncle and I were talking about how he's so active and hard for me to keep up with him especially being so big and pregnant. Next thing we know he's screaming "train! train!! Mamma! train!!" We look and he's halfway down the hill running straight for this train. He had a huge lead over us but we caught him right before he got to the train. It was the most interesting part of the day. The people on the train looked at us like we were dumb but they have no ideas the motives that our little guy has in his head. I can tell people pretty much what he's going to do when he sees something he likes. He's a predictable boy!

This past week I've been thinking AGAIN about our miscarriage. April 19th was confirmation day by sono that I was indeed miscarrying. I will always remember looking at that screen in shock seeing nothing but the sac when I should have seen a baby with arms and legs. I finally miscarried on the 21st, two days later. I am sad but feeling all the movement in my tummy now is really bittersweet. If it wasn't for our loss I wouldn't have this little guy on the way. On the 25th we'll have our 4D scan and I'm so excited to see what his little face looks like. I have a feeling he'll look just like the other two, at least I hope he does! I hope he still has a little weenie too so we aren't thrown for a loop!

Well it's about time to head out and Alex is fighting me to put on her gymnastics outfit because she wants to wear the other one. UGH! Kids! She just won't get McDonalds then tonight. lol


Adam's Mom said...


Sending you good vibes for tomorrow's test -- I hope you find something to do for three hours -- oh dear that is a long time!

Sorry today is a sad anniversary for you! That is a hard one to relive! You are a strong woman though! Keep persevering!



Sara said...


I hope the test goes well. Sounds like the OJ might have been the culprit. LOL. I can see myself doing something like that. :)

Sounds like you are having a bit of a hard time right now coping with your memories from last year. I am sorry you have to go through that. I can't imagine. Hopefully that awesome 4-D scan will help a little bit. That is really exciting!

By the way, I changed my blog address to http://tobuildafamily.blogspot.com. I think I forgot to tell you!