Friday, May 27, 2005

Alex's Graduating Class

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Alex had her preschool graduation on May 25th. It was really cute and neat to see her and her friends having such a great time. They sang If your Happy and You know It and The Itsy Bitsy Spider before walking over to their teachers to get their small trophy and certificate. They shook their teachers hands like normal little graduates. Dominic was a bit upset the whole program since a few of the kids got balloons from their parents and of course he had to have one too so he screamed and screamed. During my camcording you can here him saying "ba woon bawoon!" Mom finally said she was just going to take him with her while we stayed to help clean up and go buy him a balloon to shut him up! It worked because when she brought him home he came running in the door saying "wook mamma, wook dadda, bawooon!!" and was jumping in place. He was really excited he got a balloon.

Now since school is over, I've got to keep Alex entertained. This girl was busy all year at school and now she expects the same from me. It's going to be a LONG summer and I can't wait (and I'm sure she can't wait either) for Kindergarten. Her teachers certainly made it easy for these kids to transition to all day Kindergarten. I know she'll be asking me everyday this summer when school is going to start.

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