Friday, May 27, 2005

One Step Forward......Two Steps Back

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I'm about at a wits end with little D.  I've tried everything these past few months to figure out how to get him to go to bed at night and stay there.  For his 2nd birthday, we got him a TV and DVD for his room so at night he would drift off in laa laa land watching his favorite shows or movies.  It worked, at first.  Then he started staying up later and later to where now we have to go in at 10:30, shut his TV off and listen to him pout, kick the wall, and come out of his room over and over just to see that we went to bed too.  Finally around 11 PM he goes to bed.  THEN everyday this past week and on and off for the past few months he wakes up at 2 AM for a drink or for no reason at all just to scream at me.   I'm getting a bit worried  that   when the   baby gets here, I'm going to be up with not only a newborn but a toddler too.  The worst part is that Dominic is only 2 yrs and   3 months old so his speech is not the best.  I don't understand what he says most of the time.  There are only a few clear words he does say.  Baby, eye, hair, owww, mamma, dadda, bubble.  He says alot  of other things but they don't come out the right way.  So each night he wakes me up saying things and I have no idea what he's talking about which makes him even more upset and makes him cry more.  In a way I wonder why did we get pregnant so fast after having him but really we didn't know how much work he was going to be early on.  I can't even imagine if our baby last year would have made it and then we'd have 2 kids, 20 mths apart.  That would have been very very rough with some of the issues I have with Dominic.  I'd probably be checked into a mental hospital by now.  By the time the baby comes, Dominic and the baby will be 28 mths apart, alittle better than 20 mths but I'm wondering if that's enough of a gap. 

I'm hoping this month gets better with his sleeping problems but I have my doubts.  Starting Monday I'll only have 2 kids plus my two that I'll be watching till the baby comes.  I'm going to start trying to cut out Dominic's naps  and putting him to bed at 8 PM to see if that helps him sleep through the night.  He doesn't like to take naps anyways so maybe this will help.  If not, I plan to get about 3 hours a sleep a night come July with no naps during the day because there's no way I could nap with a crazy 2 yr old  putting lotion in my carpet, taking off outside or spraying PAM all over my house.  Did I mention to anyone that he took a black permanent marker last week to Alex's bedspread and bathroom door??

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