Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Alex's 5th Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated Alex's 5th birthday! It was fun yet sad to think she's growing up so fast. Seems like only yesterday she was a 2 yr old running around saying "I don't give a f*ck!" LOL!! That has been the only bad thing that's came out of her mouth and thank goodness she outgrew it. It was all Dave's fault since that's his favorite saying of all time. For her birthday we let her pick out supper for the day which was of course Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut. Then we let her open her gift. Dave's mom gave us $100 to spend on her so we got her a V-smiles video system and a wooden Princess table for her room from her and then from us we got her another game for the V-smiles (scooby doo) and we'll get her another gift for her birthday party on Saturday. She spent the night at my mom's house with her cousin and so she was so tired last night that after a fight about brushing her teeth she did and then only watched her TV for about 3 minutes before crashing. Her party Saturday will hopefully turn out good. We ordered a huge princess cake and she'll have several of her friends here to swim in her pool and jump in the Bounce Around. I'm hoping at 9 months pregnant I won't die in the heat!

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Jess said...

She sounds like a lucky little girl! Good luck at the party on Saturday- I hope the heat isn't too bad and all the kids attending aren't too wild!