Friday, June 10, 2005

It's Gettin Closer.......................

Well here we are about 24 days from delivery of little no name. I'd like to call him by name if Dave would help give me some ideas but still none. He's not real keen on naming kids, don't know why, but everytime I give him a list of names he says no to each one and crosses it off! Did it with Dominic and Alexzandra. (sigh) I'm so ready to get this little guy out. I'm tired of about peeing myself, sex being such a chore, the painful stretching on my belly, constipation, and other misc pain. I hurt alot it seems and I get no sympathy from Dave because he says I know what comes with the territory. After throwing up yesterday in the shower, I vowed never to get pregnant again. I can't believe how much each pregnancy is so different. Still occasionally puking at almost 36 weeks? I would have never thought but it's happening.

We finally cleaned out Dominic and his belongings out of the baby room. He moved to Alex's old room and she moved down to the basement bedroom hidaway. The original plan was for us to move down there and Dominic take our old room but or King Kong bed will not fit down our stairway. We tried and tried but it wouldn't budge so when Alex was told we were getting bunkbeds for her and her brother she said no way and wanted the room downstairs. We're still waiting on new bed sets we ordered for them to come in so we can finish cleaning rooms. Right now there's stuff thrown everywhere! I hate messy rooms and it's a teeth clencher walking into their rooms seeing everything just laying on the floor waiting for a place to go.

We've washed up all of Dominic's baby clothes and installed the baby car seat but I haven't bought diapers yet or put the crib up. Semi important things when you never know what can happen. I wish for this little guy to want to make a suprise appearance around the last week of June. Why? Because of Dave's job and the commission he gets. If he can complete a whole month of work, it's not going to set us back BUT since I'm having the C section on July 5th, he won't get any commission for the month which is going to be a big oww when it comes to paying bills! We'll manage though. That's what dipping into savings is for right??


Sara said...


Oh my gosh, 24 days???? I did not realize it was coming so quickly!!!! :) YAAAAAY! But bummer about all the pain and throwin up. Yuck. :P


Adam's Mom said...

Oh Sabrina - you have really had it good with this pregnancy! I hope I am lucky enough to avoid all those! xoxo Sheri