Sunday, June 19, 2005

Good News!

Well yesterday Dave's parents called and told him they wouldn't be coming till July 16th or 17th because they can't get any time off before then! YAY! The baby will be about 2 weeks old at that time and I should be pretty healed up from the C-section so I can do my own thing. He said his dad may not come at all it may just be his mom. He asked how long she was planning on staying and she said she'd be gone by the end of the month so there'd be like 13-14 days that she could possibly be here. What a relief! I think I can handle it if it's just her staying at my house even though she's the one that's harder to deal with. Reason being since I'll be 2 weeks healed, if she annoys me I can just load up the kids and drive to my mother's house which is 4 minutes exactly from my house. lol Mom and Mike (my stepfather) are always working so I can get my peace and quiet there.


Jess said...

That is good and relieving news, Sabrina!

I am starting to get overwhelmed with all the offeres of "help" from friends and family. I'll bet we are all going to be too tired and busy learning about our new babies to want to be bothered by well meaning people!

I am anxious for you to have your son! Have you thought of any names yet? You are going to keep us in suspense until after he is born, aren't you?!

Take care.

Adam's Mom said...

I am so glad that everything has worked out! I know how much you were dreading them both coming out right when you were sore from the section and trying to get into a new routine. I am happy everything is working out! Only a few more weeks now! woo hoo!

Lindsay said...

Oh, Sabrina!

What a relief! I'm so glad his parents can't come right away. I can't believe how inconsiderate they are. My parents stayed with us (an hour away from my brother and sil) when my nephew was born, so I can't understand why they think it's okay to move in.

Well, I hope this lessens your stress level and makes the next few weeks a little more tolerable. :)


pregnancyweekly said...

I'm glad things are going your way!