Monday, July 25, 2005

How many more days???

Well haven't been online much since I still have MIL here but I do plan to tell my past 2 weeks as soon as I can get a few HOURS to post. lol I thought MIL was leaving on Saturday but guess not, actually it's Sunday around 11 AM which will be nice because she'll be leaving in the morning to go to the airport probably around 9ish. We've been through alot the past week or so. Her visit has caused me to breakdown crying, Dominic is staying up ALL NIGHT and bawling in bed, Damien cries because she's been holding him so much that's all he wants now, and Alex she's buying her tons of toys so she's happy. DH is caught in the middle of all of it because all I can do is bitch about everything to him. He's been in kiss ass mode and at bedtime wants to snuggle and I just want to sleep and ignore him because I want her gone. (sigh) I'll report more later. lol


Adam's Mom said...

Oh Sabrina! I am sorry things have been so hard for you! It will so good for you, Dave, Alex, Dom and Damien to have your life back as a family next week. A little bit of normality goes a long way! Stay strong! only a few more days! Love Sheri

jude said...

Only a few more day's and it will all be over. I know that once she is gone things will go back to normal. And if not I come down there and make it normal for you. LOL my attempt at making you smile.

Love Jude