Sunday, July 17, 2005

MIL makes her appearance today

Today is Sunday, Dave goes back to work tomorrow. He's in Wichita now picking up his mother. Isn't it just so convenient of him to get his mom and leave her with me for 2 weeks while he leaves the madness and returns to work again?? I love the woman but when she visits it's just too much stress. So not only will I have 3 kids to worry about, I'll also have his mother here burdening me. My plan is to work her to death. She won't eat my food so she can make food everynight for us, take my trash out, do my dishes, vacuum. LOL I'm still abit sore on my right side. If you push on my flabby gut on the right it hurts. The muscles are just so tender. It really hits me by the end of the day and I can barely walk. I'll be like that all night and early AM but then by noon I'm ok till around 8-9 PM then I'm in pain again. I don't know if I'm doing too much or what's causing this. I hope there's nothing wrong in there.

One neat thing is I'm down to what I weighed when I became pregnant. This pregnancy was like Dominic's. I got up to 205 lbs. I originally weighed 180 lbs. I've lost 25 lbs now in 12 days. Now that would be really cool if the weight kept coming off but I'm back at that plateau where I've been since I had Alex. I doubt it'll go any lower unless I start a massive workout program.

Other than that, there isn't alot going on. We got Damien's pictures taken. They turned out really good! He's only waking once or twice a night now and the second time is around 7 so I can just get up around that time now, as long as he doesn't keep me up forever around his 2:30 wake time. I have been sleeping till 9-10 AM because I'm so exhausted. He's still eating 3-4 oz bottles and breastfeeds when he wants to but he's getting better at it. At least he's not making rabid dog sounds when he's on the boob and trying to claw through my skin.


Adam's Mom said...

I hope your MIL is a help and not a pain in your side (literally). Please utilize her to your advantage and try to rest up as much as you can while she is there. Good luck - hopefully you'll get a chance to update again and let us know how things are going!

Adam's Mom said...

Congrats on the significant weight loss already - very impressive!!