Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hanging in There

Well today has been the first day that I haven't been crying all day! It's been nice because my face looks halfway decent and I don't look like a distraught mess. Some of the mother figures I have around me are starting to help out especially after my mother and grandma came to my house only to find me in tears on the couch. Everyone wants to take Alex and Dominic, help with swimming lessons, help with housework now so that's been nice. Today the kids went to a family friend's house and she's going to start taking them every once in awhile for me. The only thing is I always fear the worst. Not that I can't trust people watching my kids, I just can't trust my kids. Dominic about flipped when he went to the backyard only to see this bright blue all clean inground swimming pool with a huge slide and diving board. He ran straight for the water got on his hands and knees and started splashing the water. I about freaked right then. I ran over to the pool and picked him up telling him "no no" He's one kid you can just picture in your mind things that he'd do. Falling in a swimming pool is at the top of the list.

While the kids stayed there for a few hours I came home and cleaned the house a bit, or tried too. Breastfeeding is now breastmilk in a bottle. lol He just wasn't going to do it, wants it too fast so now I pump and feed and he sucks down bottles in a matter of minutes. Right now he's doing 3 oz every 2-3 hours. I came home with Damien only to have him want to eat and stay awake so I didn't get much of the house cleaned without the kids. The whole time I was doing things around the house all I could think of was Dominic getting away and jumping in the pool. After a few hours by myself I went to pick them up.

Tonight I can tell I overdid it just a bit. My right side is sore and it hurts to walk. I've been skipping out on the pain meds for about 3-4 days but it looks like I'll have to start taking them again if this continues.


Sara said...

Hi Sabrina,

OH MY GOSH!!! First of all, Damien is absolutely adorable!!!!! What a little handsome guy...okay, not so little. LOL. That is one big newborn. :) Congratulations, and I am so relieved that all the pregnancy stress is over and you and baby are safe and sound.

It definitely sounds like you are having a rough transition. I really feel for you. I cannot imagine the adjustment after having a C-section and coming home to deal with the house and three children without hubby. I'm so glad your family has stepped in to help out. I'm thinking of you. Each day will be better than the last!!!


Lindsay said...

Sabrina- I'm so glad you got some help. I was thinking about you all day hoping that you were doing better.

I hope you have a great weekend and make Dave work very, very hard keeping track of the kids and cleaning :) I think he deserves it.

Hugs to you. Your strength is impressive and you are such a wonderful person, I know you'll perservere through this.

Lots of love,