Friday, July 29, 2005

MIL Stress

I swear right now I could go for a stiff drink or a pack of cigs. Instead because of my boob fed baby, I'll have to settle for tons and tons of Oreo cookies. I'll gain all 27 lbs back that I've lost at this rate. I didn't know why at the time I picked up this 5 lb box of Oreo Cookies at Sams Club. Now I know why.

The stress is so unbelievebly hard right now. I feel like I'm not even in charge of my own house. Today she got onto my daughter cleaning her ears with a Q-tip. I told her I let Alex do that herself because she knows how far to go before it hurts. Alex, according to her audiologist, may have a hearing problem due to excessive wax buildup so she needs to have her ears cleaned quite a bit. Anyways then today AGAIN she took off with our truck again. My mother was right, she just came here to go running around. She doesn't stay here with the kids she goes off to her SIL's house or to her other friend's houses in town. She's made about 6 trips to Walmart, why?? Because she's retarded and buys the kids dumb crap they don't need.

Wednesday I was hot. Freakin pissed because she almost every morning has told people to call my house at 8:30 and she'd be awake. Well she never answers the phone and I'm pulled out of my catch up sleep after being up with my 2 kids for a few hours in the middle of the night. Well she decided that morning that she was going out with her Sister inlaw for breakfast. She left at 10:30 again with our vehicle. By 11:30 I had packed up my 3 kids and left town. I drove 45 minutes to Wichita, KS. A shopper's delight. It was a bit hard I'll admit lugging around 3 kids but I did it. I was hoping for help but when I hopped on my cell calling my Wichita friends, no one answered or no one could! So that just sucked but we stayed there till 4 PM and I finally came back home. We only shopped 4 stores 4 hours. It was worth the trip though. The kids had fun and I did too just spending time alone with them. When we came back and she saw my Big Lots bag she said "did you go to Wichita?" I lied and said a friend and I were going to get together but she ended up having to work so I shopped by myself. Hee hee! Well since it was 5 by the time I got home, the kids ate, got their baths, and went to bed. It was a quick night and was great!

Thursday on the other hand drug on and on. She left AGAIN in the morning (in our vehicle) at 9:30 to go eat breakfast and came home around 12:30 only to stay for a while and run off again to see a friend. She came back shortly after that and said that friend had moved. I can't believe she went to someone's house without calling them first. She just wanted out of the house again. She acts so bored at our house. Sorry this ain't Phoenix, it's Kansas and I'm a stay at home mom. There's not much action here except for what Dominic does. There are things to do but ya know, she hasn't even offered to say anything about taking the kids to the pool or park or anything. Of course I would go with her and drive but she hasn't said "hey can we take the kids to the zoo?" Funny huh?

So today, Friday, Dave calls and asks me "what's for dinner?" My response? "Ask Your Mom." I haven't cooked in 2 weeks and this is the first time she's came that I haven't. I think I've mentioned before that she won't eat my food. I take that back. I threw a roast in the crockpot and made BBQ Beef Tuesday evening for dinner but she didn't eat it. (sigh)

I plan on leaving in a bit with the kids and running away to my dad's today with the kids. They love going there because he has tons to do. Hopefully this day will go quick then I'll only have tomorrow and Sunday AM at 8 she'll be back on the plane! Then life will be somewhat back to normal.

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Adam's Mom said...

How many more hours until she is gone and we get our Sabrina back on the boards? LOL Jude is turning into a freak LOL! I miss you! and I am sorry this has been so crappy for you!