Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just Hangin Out

Well only a few more hours left of the day and MIL will all be behind me. The kids will be going to bed at 9 and I'll make SURE I'm in bed by 10. She leaves at 7 AM so tonight will be the last I'll see her. We'll say our goodbyes tonight. Don't get me wrong, I do love the woman but not when she lives with us for 2 weeks so it'll be sad to see her go.

Anyways- Damien has gotten a pretty bad case of the milk bumps. They are so so ugly! Poor guy looks like a teen in need of Pro Active or Stridex! Supposedly milk bumps are from hormonal changes coming out of the womb and adjusting to the new surroundings but breastfeeding makes them worse and even stand out more. I hope these boogers all go away before I take him in for pictures again.

He is still eating a ton, so much that I'm starting him on some cereal in his bottle very soon. I figure at 4 weeks I'll start putting a pinch in my breastmilk and see how he does. 4 weeks is in a few days! I can't even believe it's went by so fast!

Today I had a big milestone with Dominic. I think he's starting to open up to having Damien around. Alexzandra has been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Damien and it actually calms his crying down. Well Dominic has watched her do this several times and today when I was holding Damien as Alex was singing, Dominic came and pushed her out of the way and started saying "star star star, star star star" making the little movements for the stars that Alex does. It was rather cute. Everytime Alex approached Damien, Dominic would say "no!" and push her back. lol

As a way to make today go fast, (lol) we all went to a Tractor Pull in Nickerson. Dominic loved the tractors but then after about a hour we were all hot (in the 90's) and he was getting restless so we left. We didn't take Damien because of the noise and heat. It was pretty loud too. Results of today's pull.....John Deere sucks!! Get an old Chalmers, Massy, or Mormon!

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