Monday, August 01, 2005

Back to Normal

Well MIL left Sunday morning at 6:30am. Glad that's over. Now things can get back to normal. My grandmother came by with Alexzandra's school supplies and a new backpack. Gotta love that woman. I don't have to buy anything! I do have to go on the 4th to enrollment and pay $50 though. I think I can handle that. lol

Damien is being a PIG today. Eat Eat Eat that's all he does. If he's not asleep, he wants to be held all the time. It's getting really hard to get anything done! I went ahead and started putting a few pinches of cereal in his milk at night for bedtime to see if he'd start sleeping longer. He's already sleeping 5 hours at a time but I would really like it if he'd sleep all night! Well it's not doing anything. Pooey, but I have a feeling he'll start sleeping all the way through pretty soon with how long of intervals he sleeps for.

I also got a phone call from the mother who I watch for and I'll start watching her two in about 11 days. Then things will be pretty much back to normal around here. I hope I can handle having 2 infants around. I've done it before but can I handle doing it again?? We'll see. I'll have my almost 6 wk old and her 8 mth old. I'll also have Dominic(2) Corbin (2) and Kelsey (3). I'm almost sad to go back to watching the kids but really I like having them around so Dominic isn't so bored.

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UREWQ said...

My God, Sabrina you ARE Super MOM, how in the world are you going to handle all those kids at once????

I am glad everything is back to normal at your house now that MIL is gone.