Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Kid in Town

Damien Izac was born July 5th 2005 at 8:05 AM. He's 9 lbs 13 oz and 22 inches long! We were expecting maybe a 8 lb little boy but he surprised not only his parents but his momma's dr and his pediatrician.

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We arrived Tuesday morning on schedule at 5:30 and went straight in the room to prep. I forgot a few nice things that they do to you in preparation for a C-section. There's a lovely drink you have to drink that tastes disgusting. It's so bad I had to plug my nose to get it down. Basically it's so you're stomach doesn't act up before or during surgery. Then of course they shave you with a dry razor which I always try to prep myself but it's never good enough for them. They just want to torture me. I forgot about how painful IV's can be when they have to do them 3-4 times because your vein won't cooperate. Then they had the anesthesiologist come talk with me about what can happen. Paralysis, death, etc. It scares the living crap out of you. I explained a few things that had happened before with Dominic surgery. I told him that the guy I had last time couldn't find my epidural space and tried 3 times to give me my spinal. Then during the beginning of surgery I had a blood pressure drop and couldn't feel my arms but he did something and it made me feel better. He told me that the block went to high and he would make sure it wouldn't happen again.

I get into the OR and sit on the table for the lovely injection in my back. It started working immediately and then they put my cathedar in since I was pretty deadened. Then iodined my stomach up real good and in came my OB. They started pretty quick and then all the sudden everything started again just like Dominic. I started sweating, and felt like I had a brick on my chest. Anesthesiologist kept testing me to see where I could feel cold which was to about my boobs. He says my stats were good he thinks I just have a bad reaction to the spinal. Everything was horrible this time around. I felt nearly everything where with Dominic I felt nothing at all. I could feel the metal crap in my stomach, all the moving around, and then when they pushed on my gut to pull him out...that really hurt. I was freaking out because I was so deadened with Dominic I felt nothing but this was painful to me. Finally they pulled him out after about 15 minutes of prying in my stomach. I only got to see his face for a split second because my dr along with everyone else in the room noticed he was a bit large for 39 weeks. They swept him off to a warmer and Dave ran over there as well leaving me while they sewed me back together. According to the hospital, if the baby is over 4000 Grams or 9 lbs they test them for Gestational Diabetes. It was determined after my 3 hour GD test that I did not have it so I was a bit confused. Our other son was 7lbs 5oz so we were abit shocked with how big he was. He also had a fever of 101 when he came out. After an agonizing wait of 1.5 hours they finally brought him into me. I had been crying while I waited because I just wanted to see him so bad. Luckily Dave brought our DV recorder and along with taking tons of pics when he came out, he made some mini videos so I kept watching them over and over while I waited.

Finally I got to see my boy! He is so adorable. There were so many more emotions during this whole pregnancy. I think with our first two kids I took everything for granted that babies are invincible when you become pregnant. Our miscarriage changed all that. I was so scared the whole time that something bad would happen and we'd lose him. First I thought another miscarriage but then in the end I was convinced a cord accident was going to happen all they way up till the time they pulled him out. All I could think when they pulled him out was "it's finally over"

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As I look at him I just cry because he's so beautiful and just the fact that we probably wouldn't have him unless I had miscarried last year. It's so bittersweet.

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Adam's Mom said...

Congratulations! Your "little" man is a cutie pie and HUGE! WOW no wonder you had so many aches and pains! Keep the pictures coming!
xoxo Sheri