Friday, July 01, 2005

The Workaholic Hubby

Oh lordy. It's almost 5 PM and Dave isn't home! He's not even sure what time he'll be home because he's working like a mad man so he gets a decent paycheck for missing 9 days of work for the birth and helping me out around the house. It's like 100 degrees out, I'm a bit worried he may push himself too hard. The money isn't that big of a deal, we'll survive! So this will be going on from today and tomorrow. He'll be off from Sunday the 3rd till the next monday which will be super nice......I think. After his little vacation I know he'll be working like mad again because he's obsessed with making money. Nice but annoying. He's a tight wad with money too and doesn't like it when I spend it. Isn't that what it's there for?? (sigh) Men!

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Sara said...

Hi Sabrina!!

Just thinking of you. I wonder if you are anxious about tomorrow. I am praying for you, and excited to see pictures when you put them up for us. Thanks also for the update. How did Michelle's birth go???