Saturday, August 06, 2005

Bad Mommy

Mommy you made my tummy feel like crap!!!

Well today ended up being a day from hell although I was refreshed from having a full night of ZZZZ's! That was great! Baby D hadn't taken a poop in 3 days and was constipated big time. I hate giving kids suppositories because usually mine scream bloody murder so I tried to see if he'd just poop but as the hours went by with screams and nothing but atomic smelly farts, we knew some sort of action had to be taken. I finally broke down and gave him one 9 PM and about a minute later he got started. I felt really bad as this is my fault since he's breastfeeding. It was the stickiest yellow seedy diaper I'd ever seen. You could tell by looking at it he was backed up just a bit.

Before giving Baby D his little waxy present, we made a trip to Wally World where I vowed to eat better by eating more fiber. I bought bananas, Raisin Bran and Fiber pills. I also have a list of fiber rich foods on my fridge so I know what else to eat. Hopefully I'll get his tummy figured out soon.

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