Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Full Nights Rest

First off I have to say that I got a full 7.5 hours of sleep last night!! Damien slept from 10 PM - 6:15! I actually woke up at 4 and had the famous mommy freakout when you say "oh shit! He hasn't woke up to eat!" and flew to his room to make sure he was still alive. I also made sure I woke Dave up when I noticed the time. lol I went in his room and touched his hand and his arms kinda jumped in the air like I scared him but he didn't wake up so that was nice. I hopped back in bed till he woke me again at 6:15. When I awoke I had a bad case of lumpy boobs. 8 hours with no action on them, I looked like I should be Hooters girl.

So before I forget I'll put my Damien milestones on here....

7/25/2005 Grasps and holds objects
8/4/2005 Smiles when talked to
8/5/2005 First time to sleep through the night!


Adam's Mom said...

That's pretty good to sleep through the night already! I can only hope my son (tee hee hee) will do the same!

UREWQ said...

I am so glad he is sleeping through the night already, you deserve some rest girl.