Friday, August 05, 2005


Now that were here at Damien's 1 Month Birthday, I'm really worried that I haven't worked myself back into a schedule here. I start watching kids again starting August 12th and here I am getting up at 8:30 in the morning. That's not going to work. It's 2 in the afternoon now and as I sit here typing I look around at my trashed house. It's a tad bit harder to keep your house clean when you have a 2 yr old that destroys everything you clean up so usually the only rooms clean are the bathroom and kitchen because they are blocked off from him. Gotta love those baby gates.
Mommy won't let me in the kitchen...guess I'll mope.

I hope that Damien soon wants to skip out on this 5:30 feeding or that may be my new wake up time. I can't seem to get him back to bed till 7 AM and then when I do I crash again. By the time I get up, shower, get kids dressed, fed, and start laundry and cleaning it's noon and then Damien is screaming again to eat.

Somedays I wander around my house thinking of how Damien REALLY has made things around here more difficult. Not that I don't want him now but it's harder to do things.

1) Taking a shower (as soon as I put on shampoo I hear a wail)
2) Playing with our dogs (the 3 outside I can't ever find time to play with)
3) Cleaning the house (this should be #1!)
4) Charting my temp again (we're planning to do NFP for birthcontrol purposes)
5) Going to the store (he usually decides he wants to eat when we get there)
6) Having Sex (he either wakes up or makes these screaching noises while he's stretching freaking us out)
7) Taking a crap (not only is it hard to find the time but his nice present of hemmeroids are still visiting on occasion)
8) Sleep (waking 2 times a night is too much for me since I'm up for over a hour each time)
9) Really doing anything without holding him (if he had his way he'd be in the Snugli all day)

Do I really cause that much trouble??


Melody said...

I love all of your pictures, your children are precious. It will get easier you know.

Adam's Mom said...

I love the last photo of little man Damien....he is totally cute and really can't be THAT much trouble with that adorable face LOL