Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Day in My Life

I was reading a magazine and it had a timeline piece of a mommy who had 2 kids, who was a stay at home mom. I thought this would be a great blog piece so I wrote down everything I did today so I did just to show everyone how my day goes.

5:30 Damien starts grunting around in his crib. I don't even let him cry, that first peep I hear wakes me out of a dead sleep because I know if I let him get around too much he'll be awake all morning. I grab him and put him in bed with me to nurse.

6:00 Daddy's alarm goes off waking me up and Damien is asleep obviously done eating so I ask him to put him back in his crib.

6:45 Dave comes in 15 minutes LATE to tell me to get up! I fly to the shower like a mad woman to get cleaned up before all the fun begins.

7:00 Jump out of the shower run to my room and start trying to pair clothes together. You'd think with running this late I'd set clothes out the night before. Finally find a pair of jean shorts and striped shirt that look ok. Throw that on real fast.

7:05 I did set out Alex's clothes the night before. Got her dressed, hair in a ponytail, and shoes on in 5 minutes!! I'm on a roll! Dominic comes out of his room all revived! "Hi mamma!"

7:10 Alex doesn't want a Ham Sandwich with Roundabout Potatoes at school, she wants a sack lunch today. I have 5 minutes till the bus will be here. I make a PB&J, pretzel, and snack cake lunch for her and throw her lunch in her bookbag.

7:15 Go sit on the front porch with Alex and hear the rumble of the bus coming down the road. She runs off all excited to get on the bus. "Have fun!" I say to her.

7:20 R shows up with her 2 kiddos. She comes in and stays for about 10 minutes trying to get them to adjust to staying here for the next 10 hours. Kayla (8mths) cries for a few seconds after she leaves then shuts right up. She's getting better about not crying all day now that she's used to being back.

7:30 I have Dominic and Kelsey come in the kitchen so I can feed them breakfast. Something fast and easy so I grab more poptarts and glasses of milk.

7:35 While they eat, I run and pump my boobs so he'll have a bottle for later. This is getting extremely difficult to do with all the drama that happens when I leave the kids alone for a minute but I am able to do it without any interuptions this time.

7:50 Got the kids out of the kitchen, cleaned the table up. I cleaned the kitchen the night before so it was pretty clean to begin with for once!

8:00 Make beds. I hate doing this because Dominic always tears his apart soon after and with mine the kids follow me in there trying to see what I'm doing. The only bed that stays nice is Alexzandra's since she is in the basement and no one visits her room during the day.

8:05 Grunt...grunt...Whaaaaaa. Well Damien's awake now and ready to eat so I get that bottle I just pumped. I knew he'd be up soon so no warming it up because I just left it on the kitchen counter.

8:20 After eating 4 oz he's content enough that I can put him in the swing! While he's swinging I jump on the internet to see what's going on there. Check our 2 emails, look at our bank account, and go to Babycenter of course to see who's on there this morning.

8:30 Have to stop playing online because Corbin (2) shows up with his mom. She leaves him eating his breakfast in the kitchen while I just back on the computer. He decides he doesn't want to eat so he runs off to play in the frontroom with the other two.

8:40 My dog Oscar is at my front door! How the heck did he get out of the pen. Take him out there to find a big hole they've dug! Fill it in half ass and run back in the house with 10 new mosquito bites.

8:45 Jump back on the computer. My shortlived bliss on the computer is interupted numerous times by tattling, screaming, pushing, hitting and then pain cries. I run to see what just happened and I guess Dominic took a train toy and clocked Corbin in the face with it. I sit Dominic in Time Out and comfort Corbin.

9:00 Blur......... both babies start screaming, kids are all fighting. Seperate Corbin, Dominic and Kelsey and take away toys they are fighting over. Kayla stops crying when I put her on the floor and out of the Exersaucer and Damien wants to be held so I sit down with him for awhile.

9:15 Attempt to get back on the computer for a few minutes.

9:30 Damien starts having a freak out moment so I go pick him up again. Looks like I'm going to be holding him for awhile so I turn on the Today Show.

10:00 He's still fussy so I decide to offer a boob. It works. He was hungry AGAIN. He just ate 4 oz 2 hours ago! He eats for awhile and then falls asleep! YAY!

10:15 Stick Damien in bed so I can start getting ready for lunch. What will I fix today??

10:30 I start with Kayla because I like to get her fed first and out of the way. Pears and Rice Cereal. Then I put some of her mom's breastmilk in a sippy cup and attempt to give it to her. She does drink 2 oz but obviously has trouble since she's only 8 mths old drinking out of a sippy. I really wish she'd take a bottle, it'd be less messy.

10:50 I put Kayla in the front room and start cleaning up her mess. Gotta love Clorox Wipes! Easiest way to clean up after kids.

11:00 Put Kayla down for her nap. I try to keep her up instead of doing the morning and afternoon nap since she only naps for 30 minutes each time. One big nap and she sleep alot longer. She cries for awhile but falls asleep after about 15 minutes.

11:15 Start preparing lunch. Today's menu Homemade Bagel Pizzas. Grab my bagels, spaghetti sauce, mozzerella, and pepperoni out of the fridge and throw them together real quick. Oven has been preheating so I throw them in. Corn out of a can and a banana should be enough.

11:30 One drawback to Pizza with kids is cutting it. ugh! So I spend the next 10 minutes cutting up 3 bagel pizzas for the kids. Bagels are a pain to cut into small pieces too!

11:45 Lunch time! Sit all 3 kiddos down to eat. Grunt....Grunt.....Whaaaaaaaa! Damien's ready to eat again. Damn this growth spurt! I breastfeed him again since there's no time to pump at the moment.

12:00 Damien is content again so I stick him in his carseat for a bit. Kids are finished eating so they go back in the living room to play. Instead since there has been so much fighting today, I ask if they want to watch a movie. Where the hell is NEMO!!!???? Can't find it, ain't searching...lets watch the Fox and the Hound. Show the cover....hmmm...by the looks on their faces I don't think they've seen it before so I pop it in.

12:15 I have a mess to clean now. Food to put away and dishes to load into the dishwasher.

12:30 I bet Kelsey (3) has got to pee by now so I get her in the bathroom on the toilet. While she's sitting there I go change Corbin's diaper and put him in the pack n play for his nap. His dady usually comes around 3 for him so I make sure to put him down early so he can get a full nap in for the day. I head back to the bathroom for Kelsey. Get her to wash her hands and while I'm at the sink I see my dog is out of his pen running around. Great!

12:45 Go outside since 3 kids are asleep and chase down Ceasar but where's Oscar??? Oh this is nice because I can't go driving around looking for him at the moment. Put Ceasar up and go back inside after screaming my head off for Oscar....I give up! Damn dog.

12:55 Look from my side window outside for our dog. Neighbor down the street is having a handicap ramp installed and look like the workers are taking a break but wait. Are they petting and playing with my dog?? Oscar's down there jumping around loving their attention. I go on the front porch and scream again "OSCAR!!!!!!!" He comes flying to the front porch. Now he knows I'm mad as I was screaming a few minutes back for him and he ignored me. Must be able to tell the anger in my voice. Get him back in the pen. This time I find an old tire and stick it in the hole. Pray that works better because I don't have time for this crap.

1:10 Nap time for Kelsey and Dominic. Get them put down and it's quiet finally! What should I do?? What should I do?? I'll try getting on the computer for JUST A SEC! Just a sec indeed as Damien wakes to eat again. This time he's getting formula. I haven't pumped and don't want to sit around breastfeeding for 30 minutes. He falls asleep after only eating 2 oz! Nice! Maybe I should have breastfed!

1:15 I decide to run out and grab the mail so I have something to occupy me for a bit because I know if I try to get online, I'll get interupted again.

1:30 Nothing interesting in the mail (sigh) was really hoping for a good magazine to read for awhile, I only subscribe to about 25 of them!

1:35 I just realized I have all the kids down, I'd better go pee now! I've been waiting to go to the bathroom all morning.

1:45 I've also got to get my boobs pumped since the kids are all sleeping! This is the best time to do it since you can actually hurt how much you get from being stressed and under pressure. I can relax a bit now!

2:15 Man I just ran my tongue over my teeth! I haven't even brushed my teeth today and my hair is a frizzy mess. I go back to the bathroom to fix my hair and brush my teeth.

2:30 Gotta get the lunch dishes in the dishwasher and wipe counters so I do it as QUIETLY as possible. I'd hate to wake someone up from napping! Best way for me to clean the house is to call and BS with a friend so I call Genevieve. Gen is due in 3 weeks with another girl! She is so ready to get her out and we go over her aches and pains. I complain about daycare and she complains about her dd bugging her while she tries to do her medical transcription.

3:00 The kitchen is clean! Kids are still sleeping so I play on the internet! Finally no one to bug me now!

3:30 Start getting ready for afternoon snack. Wheat Thins and Grapes sounds like a good combo. Have 5 kids to prepare for. Grab a can of grape juice and get it made.

3:45 Hear the bus rummbling down the road. Run out there to greet the girls. It's Alex and Lexi is with her since her dad is working tonight.

3:50 Wake up everyone from their naps. Some were ready, some weren't and wanted to be left alone.

4:00 Snack Time! I take a picture shown below. Dave also is home for the day!

4:10 Corbin's dad shows up. I talk to him a few minutes about parenting. He's only 20 yrs old so he's got some questions about how I get Corbin down for a nap.

4:15 Kids finish eating and come in the front room. I drag out coloring books and a wipe container full of crayons and let them color while I clean the snack mess.

4:30 When is Dave leaving for supper! Tonight is gymnastics so I ride him to get off his butt and go get Quiznos. We live out in BFE so it's not like it's a 5 min trip there and back. Kids decide they are done coloring and go back to playing with the toys strung all over my floor. I sit Kayla in her carseat hoping she'll be content there.

4:45 Kayla and Kelsey's mom shows up and gets them out of my hair. She asks where my van is and I tell her Dave ran for Quiznos since it's gymanstics night. OH! She takes it I'm in a hurry and says she'll see me tomorrow. How suprising that she didn't want to sit around my house a booby feed.

4:50 Run downstairs to pump as much as i can before leaving for gymnastics. I'd like to only use 4 oz formula today!!

5:00 Dave and Alex get back from Quiznos and we sit to eat real quick. I put on the Amanda Show for Lexi to watch while we eat.

5:20 Lexi's mom shows up. She's aware of our rush on Tuesday nights so she grabs Lexi and leaves. Says she'll see me tomorrow.

5:30 Dominic is getting the hint we're leaving, he grabs his shoes. Well, hate to break his heart so I tell him ok. Dave will only have to watch Damien. Alex gets her outfit on. I get ready myself.

5:45 Lets go now! Hurry we're going to be late! Jump in the car and race to town.

6:00 Made it on time! Alex finds her teacher and when they start warm ups, Dominic and I leave for the groccery store. I have 1 hour. We have 4 Kroger/Dillons stores in town so I go to the one closest to the YMCA. Once I get in there I realize it's a bad idea! I can't find anything because it's not the one I go to normally. This is not going to be a fun trip. Dominic starts acting up as well. It's double coupons up to $1 day so I bring my box in and TRY to get some good deals for the next hour.

6:30 Haven't got much in my basket but am happy that I'm getting Homestyle Bakes for $1.50 each with double coupons! Call Dave to tell him I've had a brain fart and to read my list off the fridge to me.

6:45 Load up the car with the grocceries, give Dominic a lollipop to make him get in his carseat and head back to Alex at the YMCA.

6:50 We get to watch Alex for 10 minutes. Dominic is being a pain and won't sit still so what do I do?? Pull out another lollipop and he sits for 10 minutes till it's time to go.

7:00 Alex gets her shoes and we attempt to leave. Dominic has other plans and runs upstairs to the viewing area. It's not cool and scares me because they have a ledge but it's a 2 story drop straight down if he was to fall so we both run upstairs and trap him.

7:10 finally get out the door and go home.

7:30 Ask Alex "bath or shower??" She says bath so I run water for the both of them. While they play in the tub, I get Damien's little tub filled with water and him undressed for his bath. He's happy because he knows where he's about to go!

7:35 Damien coos and kicks in his tub as I try to cover him in soap. I love the Baby Magic pump soap. I pump out a big blob and smear it all over him making him smell babylisious. Get him out after about 5 minutes and carry him out to his room.

7:45 After dressing Damien, I leave him in his crib to watch his "friends"(bumper pad animals) He kicks all excited to see them. Go in the bathroom and clean up the water mess all over the floor then wash the kids up and get them both out.

8:00 Kiddos are all ready for bed. Snack time AGAIN. This time we do AppleJacks and Milk. Simple enough.

8:15 Time to brush teeth. This is a chore most of the time because they think brushing teeth for 30 seconds is long enough. Alex is good about brushing most of the time but Dominic I usually have to run over his teeth again. Getting him to open his mouth can be a chore sometimes!

8:30 Finally at last, Bedtime! Dave takes care of getting Alex to bed, I get Dominic.

8:45 Damien is wanting to eat again so I pull out a boob. We end up doing this on and off for the next hour. Turns out he just doesn't want to be put down. I put him down though on his blanket next to me on the floor with the laptop so I can blog.

9:30 Take Bailey out to potty and put him in his dog taxi for the night. Damien is still being a pain screaming/fussing and doesn't know what he wants so I tell Dave screw it make a formula bottle. I tried to breastfeed him 3 times in a hour and he sucked me dry. He eats a 4 oz bottle till he falls asleep.

10:00 Bed time for us but do I get there at 10?? No because I have to pump before going to bed just incase Damien left anything in there. Nope I got an ounce. lol

10:15 Bed Finally!


UREWQ said...

Sabrina, you are hilarious and OMG sooo busy!!!!. I never get bored reading your blog.

Are you really going to volunteer for that girls scouts thing?? I am very interested to know where you will find the time for that or are you planning to somehow have 26 hours days from how on?? lol!!!

I am with Sheri, you are my hero!!.


Adam's Mom said...

WHEW I was exhausted reading your blog by the time I got to 10 am! How the HELL do you do that every day!? OMG I should write out my day for you sometime....maybe not, you may kill me in my sleep and try to take my life over LOL I am such a lazy person compared to you!

jude said...

I'm with Sheri. You'd kill me if you found out what my day was like.
I am in for sucha wake up call once this little one comes. I admire you. I don't know how you do it.