Thursday, September 01, 2005


Watching this coverage of the devestating aftermath of Katrina has really depressed me this week. Everytime I see a baby on there, tears well up in my eyes. Everyone knows New Orleans in below sea level. Why did they start building there then?? Why does the government even allow people to build so close to the ocean?? Am I the only one thinking this is costing all Americans down the road in the long run??? Alot could be prevented in all these coastal states if they'd stop building so close. Yeah I'm sure it's pretty but c'mon!

The first thought I had after seeing these babies on TV was, are their mothers breastfeeding?? God I pray so! Even though they aren't eating themselves I believe that breastfeeding also uses the fat of the mother for the milk and they should be able to feed their babies for days I would think. This is one instance where I think breastfeeding is one of the best thing you can do for your baby. You never know when you'll be in a bind.

There has been word that we may have some of these now homeless people coming to Wichita to live. If so, we were planning on having a yard sale but instead we'll be loading the van with all the clothes, toys, and other things I can manage to gather. I don't really talk about it much but I'm big into couponing and getting things for free. I have about 30 tubes of free deoderant and 15 tubes of toothpaste also that I've gotten free that I would be more than happy to give away too along with free razors. Anything to help. We really can't shell out money like some people can but I think at this point they'll accept any supplies they can get.

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