Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Postpartum Checkup

Well I had my lovely postpartum checkup and pap done today. Oh what fun! I am rather depressed because I thought I'd be able to start birth control pills right away but I guess that's not the case. Since I'm breastfeeding I knew I would need the minipill but I didn't realize how much of a pain it was going to be just to get it. I have to abstain for 2 weeks, go to her office and take a pregnancy test, then use condoms for awhile, while on the minipill. Then you can't mess up, it has to be taken at the same time each day or it's ineffective. If you mess up, you take the pill then use condoms for 3 days. I am horrible about forgetting. I was on the pill from the age of 17-21 and I forgot that thing all the time! When I missed about 4 days in a row I stopped taking it, to wait for my period to come, which it never did because I got pregnant with Alexzandra. So this may be a bigger pain than anything for me because i know I'm going to forget. My only other option is this IUD in which I need to find out if Dave's insurance will cover it. I guess it's a bit pricey! I was hoping to maybe just temp but my dr said my temps will be irratic and never correct from breastfeeding. Guess I'm just screwed because telling Dave no sex for two weeks after we went for a month of not doing it just awhile back isn't going to set well with him! lol We'd just keep using condoms but for some reason my insides feel like they are being scratched or rubbed wrong everytime we do. We've been so so bad since having little Damien. Only 4 condoms used in the past 5 weeks and we've done it about 15 times. 2 of those he took off because I was in too much pain! I don't plan on getting pregnant any time soon, my life is crazy enough as it is so we will have to figure something out soon.

I will be attending this Girl Scout Meeting tonight to see if anyone is interested in becoming a Daisy leader for the kindergarteners. If not then I guess myself and another mom I volunteered (hee hee) will run the troop. We'll see what happens.

Also today Dave won 4 CD's and 2 tickets to a Jason Mraz concert in Stillwater, OK. Cool although I doubt we'll go first because of the kids and second because of the gas!!!! I bought gas today and spent $20 on alittle over 6 gallons. $3 a gallon! The CD's are Amerie, Papa Roach, Black Eyed Peas, and Backstreet Boys.


Kirsten said...

Weird that they won't let you start the mini-pill! I gave birth on 7/26 and they told me to start taking it 2 weeks later. I also always forget the pill (thus, my baby:) and so now I set the alarm on my cell to go off at noon everyday, it helps....good luck!

Rhonda said...

Same thing happened to me. We are still attempting to use condoms while we figure out if the IUD is covered and if I really want it. I am not even going to be allowed back on the regular pills after I am done breast feeding though since I have a family history of breast cancer. The doctor didn't want me on them after Zaphillia, but I got my way then. She has already told me I won't get my way this time!