Friday, September 02, 2005

Atomic Bombs

How can this cute butt cause so much damage???

First we go from Damien's poop strike, to these massive explosions of mustard gas and poop! The past few days he's became rather regular. I'm sure it's because since I can't keep up with breastfeeding him (since he sucks me dry) I've been giving him 4-8 oz of formula a day. LLL says breastfed babies go from daily BM's to every 2-3 day BM'S since by 6 weeks colustrum (a laxative) is gone from the milk but NOW we're having regular BM's again and they are stinky and in a large quantity each time.

Today when I heard Damien screaming I figured he was hungry. When I got to him, his face was purple because he was so mad. Bent down, unbuckled him from the bouncer, tried to pick him up and what the hell??????? My hand is covered in seedy yellow crap! His left leg looks like a banana there's so much poop covering it. I hold him as far as I can away from me and take him to his plastic emergency poopy pad to change him. He was relieved to say the least when I took that diaper off.

I thought about how Sheri and said on her blog about taking pictures of her little boy when something hilarious happens but it isn't so funny for the baby. I seriously wanted to take a picture of this but my hands were covered in shit and Damien was about to pass out from lack of oxygen from holding his breath during his screams so I just couldn't get to it in time but I did take the below picture. This is the 2nd time this week he's exploded on the bouncer and I'll have to wash this.

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Sara said...

Talk about hard to keep up with a blog! :) First, I wanted to say that reading about a typical day at your house made me want to scream. Literally. I don't know how the heck you manage. AAARGH!

Second of all, great idea about giving away your free toiletries. I am with you on how seeing babies affects me. I cannot imagine watching my baby crying and crying, needing food, and not being able to give him any.

Thirdly, good grief about the minipill! Who knew??

Finally, I should take a picture of Kai's butt. LOL. Your post made me laugh, because I can SOOO relate. In fact, the past couple of days it has been Noah more than Kai, which is unusual. See recent blog. :)