Friday, August 26, 2005

Dominic Moments

Just for Sheri, I'll post a few of the Dominic moments going on. I posted a few on BBC today but here's some others.

* A wall mural of pen circles on my wall we painted just a year ago

* My wood bathroom door has permanent marker scribble all over it.

* Dominic peed in his mouth the other day when he decided to pee while a diaper change.

* He escaped out the front door without my knowledge and when he returned rang the doorbell a good 40 times real fast till I answered.

* He killed 2 fish in the aquarium by dropping a book of matches in there. I then put the living fish in a fishbowl and he tried to pull it off the bathroom counter.

* The past few days I've caught him eating Nestle Chocolate powder out of the can

* He turned the pack n play completely upside down so we took it down for the fear that next time he may do it when Damien was in it.

* There are now coins in the DVD player in his room.

* He tore down the Spongebob posters on his walls.

* His new fun thing to do is take my couch pillows and knock the daycare kids on the floor and lay on top of them with the pillow.

* He found taffy in the kitchen and ate it, wax paper and all.

* This is a picture of my couch cushion. Just a few minutes ago he took all of the polyfill out of it and had it all over the floor. I had almost all of it put back in the cushion and thought, ya know I'll take a pic of it for my blog!


R said...

Oh my gosh Sabrina...the kid needs a TIME out...I am dead serious. If you let it go on he will be even worse and worse!!!!!!!

How do you do it all??????????


Sara said...

HOLY SMOKES!!!! I don't know how you are managing to stay sane, girl! As you can tell from my recent post, just two of my OWN kids is barely manageable, and not because they are doing anything naughty, just because it's exhausting. I really feel for you on the daycare situation. If Nate had not insisted, I would probably still be trying to teach piano while raising the kids and finishing school...dealing with other people's kids is so stressful. Thinking about you.


Adam's Mom said...

YIKES! what a little spitfire that one is! But just look at that face - he is adorable!