Monday, August 29, 2005

The Kids

Well the past few days Damien has became a HOG. He's eating all the time, no doubt there's a growth spurt going on. His constant crying to eat has been hard the past few days dealing with him plus the other kiddos I watch. Periodically I stick a little cereal in his milk but I think starting today I'm going to do it for his 3 bottles during the day that I'm feeding him and then at night I'll breastfeed him. It became so hard for me to deal with the kids fighting, the 8 mth old screaming while I was trying to breastfeed, we decided to do pumped milk during the day, breastfeed at night. It's working alot better now but I still have to pump. Maybe I should just quit breastfeeding. (sigh)

Alex is still excited about school which is great! There's nothing better than have your kid excited to go to school. We'll see how long that lasts when she gets older and starts bringing home homework. All weekend the question was "do I have school tomorrow" and she proceeds to tell us stories about school all day long. Supper time, TV time, anytime...."do you know what we did at school??" At first it's cute, then it gets annoying hearing the same things over and over! One thing for sure is I'm so happy school is back in session. I can't believe last year when I put her on that bus I was sad and upset that my baby was off to school! Now it's a relief! She just needs her little noggin to be more stimulated than I can do here. It's not that I can't, it's just I don't have time!

Dominic is really starting to come around more with his words! Today he said CAT, DOG, DUCK, HORSE, PUPPY!! Although it's hard to understand him completely he's saying more and more each day! He's going to be tested in December or January again on his speech and language to see if he qualifies for special help in that area. I hope so because that means free schooling for him! Alex's preschool was free because of Headstart. This is similar to Headstart but a different place. Preschool is normally about $50 a month for 2 days a wk or $75 for 3. With me staying home that'll be alot! With gymnastics, my soon to be YMCA membership, and oh school lunches, it'd be hard! We'll see.

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UREWQ said...

Are you trying to tell us something with that pic of Damien?? Poor baby, lol!!