Friday, August 12, 2005

More Mommy Worries

One thing that never ends as a parent are the worrysome thoughts. There are so many different things you worry about.

Childhood Development
Broken Bones
What different cries mean
Social skills

A new one to add to my list is POOP. Yep that's right POOP. Having 3 young kids and keeping track of when each one has went has been a challenge. My dd has always had problems with constipation. So much so that we have her on a script of Miralax and give it to her when it gets really bad. Damien, being breastfed, has been having issues which means I need to eat better and Dominic he goes just about every morning but sometimes not. It's hard to keep up so I created a poop spot on my calendar. I write Alex-1 Dominic-2 Damien-3 and I put their # on the day they go. Now when daycare parents or relatives come over, I know they'll be asking "hey what's all the 1's 2's and 3's mean on your calendar?" lol I guess I just explain I'm the poop police now.

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