Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sugar Coatin'

Had a dream the other night. The kind you don't DARE tell your husband/wife because then they may wonder WHY you dreamt it. You know, that kind. I did though tell Dave my weird dream today just not the whole thing.

Basically it went like this. I can't remember all the details but my oldest child, Alex, is Dave's kid BUT the boys aren't. They belong to an ex-boyfriend of mine who I have no idea why I'm dreaming of him since I haven't seen him since I was in the 10th grade in highschool! The worst part is, when I woke up due to Damien crying, I was at some part in my dream where I was having sex with him and I never slept with the guy in real life!! What the fuck!??! But in my dream what woke me up was that Dave walked in! ROTFLMAO.

So my version I told my hubby was that I had a bad dream that Alexzandra was his but the boys weren't since they're so white! I don't know why Alex is darker than the boys but she is. She's showing her daddy's roots I guess and the boys show mine. So here's some sort conversation we had on the subject

Dave: "so who did the boys belong to then?"

Me: "I don't know, I didn't dream that part."

Dave: "yes you did don't lie. Who did you sleep with?"

Me: "No one I swear! I don't know where this came from except for the fact that the boys are really white and she's dark and looks like you"

Dave: "Don't try to sugarcoat the story. You know you were dreaming of doing it with some guy. Who was it?"

Me: "I'm telling the truth! There was no guy."

Dave: "I know you're lying and I bet you had an orgasm in your sleep."

Me: "What the hell!?! I did not!"

Ok so unfortunately he knows me pretty well but I didn't O in my sleep. Now if he ever reads my blog, shit on me, he'll know for sure I was lying.


Adam's Mom said...

I have heard rumors about having pregnancy sex dreams and orgasming during sleep....I have yet to experience that...I'm waiting....

Malia said...

Hi Sabrina! just thought i'd drop a hello and tell you that you have a beautiful family!

R said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny - I was just talking to some girlfriends the other day about "o"ing in my sleep. They didn't think it was possible but it IS! They are the BEST orgasms!