Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Thanks for the Concerns

I wanted to say thanks Rachel, Sheri, Yarisol for commenting about the whole daycare mess. It's just ups and downs constantly and if you go through my blog I'm sure you'll find more down days then the ups! Here's the deal, Dave knows how stressed I am when I have all these kids running around. As soon as the first of July came around when I went on my 5 wk break, I'm sure I was a completely different person. He insists though that I have to do something, I can't just "sit on my ass at home." He's told me just to watch K and K the 2 that belong to the teacher because that brings in about $500 a month extra. We can live solely on his income but he wants me to make something so we're not on a tight budget because like most people we like to have little "extras" in life. I have a hard time saying NO to people and I just can't see myself telling Kristi and Tasha that I can no longer watch their kids anymore but I'm going to keep watching Rachel's. I've been watching for these people all since July 2004. So really it's my own fault I'm going insane.

The first few months I was laid off from my job Feb 2003, I watched part time, I hadn't even contacted the state on registering as a provider at that time. It was so nice because I got to get shopping out of the way during the day and I took the kids out and about to the parks, zoo, and water parks. The first kids I had after becoming a registered provider were 2 boys that I picked up afterschool. One was 5, the other 7. They were B A D! So bad that they make Dominic an angel!! I was so stressed that I didn't have a period for 2 months and lost 5lbs. I thought I was pregnant or something, I didn't know stress caused you to lose your period like that. I watched them from Sept 1st- mid November when I finally broke down (after having a toy car chucked at my head) and told her I wasn't going to do evening daycare anymore. First thing she asked was "they haven't been really bad have they?" I said "no, they're great" I couldn't even tell her the truth! How pathetic am I! She's the only one I've said I couldn't watch her kids any longer.

I'm hoping now that school has started back up, things will be less stressful. I'll have 5 kids here during the day from 7:30-4:30 then Alex will get off the bus at 4 and I'll only have Lexi from when the bus arrives-5:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Now that I got the 8mth old to start taking Tupperware sippy cups without fighting me, that will help too. Since she's been here for a few weeks, her crying has died down some although she still cries about every hour just only for about 15 minutes now. All of the crying is what makes it really stressful, that and when the kids are all screaming and playing tag type games in the front room. The fighting between the older kids is also hard because I'm usually taking toys away every 30-45 minutes. Dominic is the culprit of alot of the drama around the house but I just don't know how to get him to settle down. He's always taking toys, jumping on the other kids, hitting, and of course getting into things he shouldn't. Just the other day he took baby lotion and poured it into Corbin's hair.

Only time will tell though, hopefully things will get better soon. Today so far hasn't been so bad but there's still a few hours left till the parents arrive!


R said...

Ok, I am going to say this - you need to tell them you can only watch the two. That is what you are going to do, right? I hope so. It will make life SO much better. It must be different where you are? Because just watching ONE baby I will make 700 a month...

Adam's Mom said...

Remember yourself in all of this! I know the extra money is good but being miserable isn't always worth it. I hope you can drop a couple kids at least until you and Dave can figure something else out!
As always sending you hugs!

UREWQ said...


You know you did not need to thank me, I think we are really concerned about you and your physical, emotional and mental health, I really don`t know how you haven`t lost your mind.

Dave is probably going to hate me for this, but is he latin? Because what he is saying is very, very, very MACHO. I can understand that he wants you to do "something" (as if taking care of his 2 kids all day long and then Alex in the afternoons was not enough) but I don`t think that that "something" needs to be something that is not good for you at all. If you are going to so something else other than being a SAHM, then you have the right to choose what to do, specially if you all can live with what Dave makes.

You just had a baby, you are more than superwoman, girl! I could never, ever do what you are doing, not even just having one kid of my own, let alone 3!!.

I will say it once again, I admire you, but I think that you need to say NO for your and your family`s sake.