Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First Day Back to School!

Today was a great day for me because Alex has been driving me crazy all summer. Questions all summer long........

"What are we going to do today?"
"Can I have a drink?"
"Can I play with playdough?"
"Why do stars twinkle?"
"Can I help make the macaroni and cheese?"
"Can I paint?"
"Do I have school tomorrow?"
"Can we go to the pool?"
"Why does the sun move when we drive?"
"Where does chocolate milk come from?"
"Can I take a bubble bath?"
"Can we go to Chucky Cheese?"
"Can so & so spend the night?"
"Can I cut out coupons?"
"What's for snack?"

You get my point. It's neverending with her. She is one child that needs to be busy all the time and with two other youngins I just can't. I try but right now with Damien needing constant attention it's hard. She loves doing crafts, painting, making food, swimming, and oh yes....gymnastics. She loves school so it's no problem to get her to go back.

She had a really good first day back. She told me that the teacher met them at the door and took them to their lockers to drop off their bag. Yes this school has lockers even for Kindergarteners! They did some crafts, read books, ate lunch, had quiet time where they lay down on a towel they each brought, afternoon snack and came home. She already knows 5 other kids in her class from the preschool last year and one of the kids is a little girl that she was friends with about 3 yrs ago when I used to work and she attended daycare with her. This little girl, Amanda, lives in our neighborhood and I've always wanted to keep the two girls in touch for the past years I've been home but never have went over to talk to her parents. I'm hoping now that they're reunited she'll be able to have her come over and play, ride bikes, etc.

She came home with Lexi, a girl I am only watching after school now, and they both were telling me how much fun they had. I'm really happy Lexi is another Kindergarten class. There was 3 at her school this year since they decided to go all day Kindergarten EVERYONE tried to enroll their kids. Lexi is a smothering little bratty kid most of the time here. She drives Alexzandra insane and she says "she's NOT my friend" although they play together all the time when I watch Lexi. Such an early age to be picking friends and casting out others but it's not uncommon. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings though. One thing I love is opening her bag to see what she did for the day. Makes me feel really good to be a parent.


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Adam's Mom said...

WTF with all the spam on here?!

Anyways, I am so glad that Alex's first day went so well!

By the way, why do stars twinkle???

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Sabrina, here it is for Alex :)

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